Ayesha's mission is to inspire, activate, & empower entrepreneurs to create wild prosperity on their unique path of Purpose.

Consistent ritual, shadow work & manifestation practice has been key to her transforming poverty and crippling self-doubt into a thriving multiple six-figure Soul-Purpose business in under two years.

Her passion is palpable as she lovingly supports her clients to reach new heights of success, fulfillment & prosperity in business.

Ayesha's vision is a world where humanity lives in harmony with one another and the Earth, each sharing our unique song and medicine with the world.

nourished by

Nature, adventures, dance, yoga, embodiment, movement, ocean water & laughter.

Meet the Oracle


Based in Canada's wild west coast, Ayesha is known for her penetrating understand of Astrology, business strategy, and wealth energetics.

Ayesha has transformed the darkest shadows of her past into purpose, power + prosperity.

Our businesses are the sacred vehicles of our Purpose.

Her 18+ years studying Astrology helped her skyrocket from $0 - multiple six figures in her business in under two years.

She now helps hundreds of visionary entrepreneurs create incredible results through the fulfillment of their Purpose, and business strategy aligned with their unique blueprints.


Expansion, learning, embodiment, creativity,
 cozy coffee mornings, adventures, contribution, social justice, luxury organic skincare, permaculture.

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