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Ayesha Durrani

business oracle
visionary astrologer
wealth energetics coach

Serving visionaries, leaders, coaches, healers, & mystics to activate their next level...

purpose, power, & prosperity.

Create a business that pulsates with the magnetism of your unique essence... and receive the wild wealth that is a natural byproduct of walking your true path of Purpose.

Your birth chart is communion with your Higher Self.

When this informs our business decisions, we reach new heights of success, wealth, and personal power.

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business superpowers


Marketing Magnetism

When you market in alignment with your Soul blueprint, the magnetism reaches new levels.  You become a radiant beacon for your Soul mate clients.


Wealth Energetics

You are innately worthy of the Wealth & lifestyle you desire.   By understanding your unique energetic signature, you can easily expand your capacity to attract, receive, invest and hold more wealth.


Mystic Business Strategy

Collapse time around your success in business through energetics & strategy.

your desires chose you for a reason...

Pleasure to meet you

Aquarius Sun.  Moon in Pisces.  Leo Rising.  INFJ.
1/3 Emotional Projector.   Enneagram 4.  Dancer.
World traveller.  Book enthusiast.  Mystic AF.

Using Astrology, I have saved my own life and fully stepped into my Purpose. I have the absolute pleasure + privilege to run a multi-six figure business doing my favourite thing in the world.

I serve leaders, healers, mystics, artists & entrepreneurs to stand tall in their Purpose, Power & Potential and create prosperity with their Soul Gifts.  


I’m ayesha,
business ORACLE


Ayesha’s intuitive accuracy absolutely floored me.

Thank you SO MUCH for being in your Divine purpose.

Jasper, Jasper Haeward media

soul wealth reading


Ayesha's signature business session is the 90 minute Soul Wealth reading + business coaching intensive.

This deep-dive session is a comprehensive birth chart reading through the lens of business, marketing, wealth, and success.

You will receive life-changing activation of your Purpose, as well as grounded business strategies laser-focused for your goals and unique energetic blueprint.

signature session

soul's map reading

The Soul's Map reading is a profound exploration of the birth chart, with a special focus on activating Purpose, Power & Potential.

This is a fundamental birth chart reading for all, that will continue to give to you the rest of your life.



The Path of Becoming is a self-study masterclass that dives deep into the captivating topic of the North & South Nodes in Astrology.

When we understand our Nodal placements, we gain invaluable insight on our past life karma and future destiny.

This masterclass has the potential to change your life, business, and relationships by helping you align to who you came here to BECOME.


Download the guide & read your stars


A comprehensive guide to the signs, houses, planets, aspects and more!  
Written with love to support you in understanding your unique Astrological blueprint.

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business oracle

PODCAST guest interviews

The Business Oracle™ podcast is here to serve, inspire, empower, and activate you on your journey of soulful success.  

Hosted by Ayesha Durrani, a 7-figure astrologer, business oracle, and wealth energetics mentor for rebel soul entrepreneurs.

🎧Listen in below:

ep 1: welcome to sacred ceo


ep 3: imposter syndrome

ep 4: intimacy & business

Her wise teachings gave me so much to work with.

 I will continue referring back to her teachings for a long time to come as I lead my business.

 Im so glad I made this investment in myself!

I love her potent blend of magical energetics and practical advice.

astrology class

dark feminine energy

Reclaim the raw, wild, primal power of your innate dark feminine archetypal energy (regardless of your own gender), of Lilith in your birth chart.

This reclamation empowers all areas of life, love, and business.


astrology class


Alchemizing your most tender karmic wounds, in order to activate your most miraculous healing gifts.

This is the Alchemy of the Wounded Healer.

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Ready to level up your business?

Cosmic Success Codes™

Create a business that pulsates with the magnetism of your unique essence.
Ayesha's signature program. 

Learn to decode your natal chart and unlock your highest timeline of success, prosperity, and soulful purpose.