Astrology, business, wealth, & power.

Created by Ayesha, her programs are for visionaries, entrepreneurs, leaders, healers, and mystics.

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A year long business mastermind with a minimum of two calls every month. To your Medicine, Magnetism, Mastery. To the full potential impact of your purpose work in this world.




Create a business that pulsates with the magnetism of your unique essence. Learn to decode your natal chart and unlock your highest timeline of success, prosperity, and soulful purpose.

With monthly Q&A calls and an all-access pass to everything Astrology in my world.

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course creatrix

Transform your gifts into unlimited prosperity by mastering online course creation. From channeling your unique inspiration to launching, facilitation, and going evergreen.

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Mystic Magnetism

Create heaven on earth from the depths of your authentic power. Manifestation for soul-led entrepreneurs.

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Wealth Magician

Journey with me into the liminal space where magic meets material, passion brings resource, and dreams manifest physical.

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Social Media

Grounded growth, exquisite engagement & soul mate client sales through empowered + authentic self expression on socials.

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Sacred Sales Ascension

Master sacred sales and create the impact that your legacy is destined for. Catalyze your medicine into the prosperous, sustainable business of your dreams.

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email magic

Uplevel your business, sales, and revenue through email marketing, while having fun & being authentically You.

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quantum emotion

Transmute ANY pain into Purpose, Power, Prosperity.
Life changing manifestation keys,
Coded with the frequencies of our highest timelines of success, prosperity & Destiny.

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Aligned AF

Craft a morning routine that is deeply attuned to your unique astrological blueprint for soulful success, magnetism, and flow throughout your day.

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morning routine


Soul Business Accelerator

Self-paced business accelerator for new business owners. Birth the business you have been dreaming of. Claim your seat at the table of thriving online entrepreneurship.

4 x 90 min calls to empower, inspire, and active you... equipping you with powerful strategic tools and energetic keys to help you collapse time between you and your thriving business!

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- Laura G

seamlessly blended with energetics and spirituality.  She seamlessly wove together high level biz strategy with energetics/spirituality which is SO rare to experience. I'm the kind of person that feels very overwhelmed by biz strategy and tend to procrastinate making moves but this course gave me step by step, practical, bite sized advice that did not feel overwhelming to me AT ALL. I'm newer to the online biz world, and the information in this course will absolutely serve my biz for YEARS to come. 

the perfect blend of practical, easy to digest, down to earth, EFFECTIVE advice...

- Anoushka V.

SBA completed fueled me to take massive MESSY ACTION!!! I've been stuck in not knowing how to move forward and knowing that other business owners experience this too and with the practical suggestions that Ayesha offered, I have a renewed energy to go after my dreams.

I have a renewed energy to go after my dreams.

- Areege C.

Ahhhhh so many new ideas and a FRESH bolt of excitement! I finally feel like I'm on-track and MOVING again! Ayesha's passion & energy is just so contagious, I feel RE-VITALIZED!!!! Through the immersion, I was able to notice my blind spots and what exact areas of my business needed attention. With that awareness, allllll the relevant action-steps became obvious. And now I'm just riding this beautiful wave of MOMENTUM!!!! I feel like I'm being catapulted into my next-level in an EXTREMELY tangible + practical way. Plus, I no longer feel like I have to wait for 'divine timing'... I know what is in my control & how to sustain this sensation of forward movement myself.

 I feel like I'm being catapulted into my next-level 

- Kiran K.

It kept me in momentum and within in energy to take action and make a change within my current strategy. Ayesha's energy really held the space and kept me inspired and excited to put in the work, be present and utilise the time we had in the space to its maximum. There was so much information and strategy Ayesha shared,

Ayesha doesn't leave anything uncovered

- Jenna D.

SSM was a complete game changer for me and transformed my relationship with social media. The way that Ayesha teaches the strategy and energetics behind her approach to social media is so accessible and empowering that I immediately saw results after implementing. My reach was up over 500%, my engagement up over 300%, and I doubled my follower growth... Ayesha’s generosity of her medicine is infused throughout this container and really supported a transformation in how I approach my social media. Instead of feeling weighed down, I now feel empowered by it and have booked my first paying clients as a result. Thank you, Ayesha, for opening a door for me that I didn’t know could be opened.

Ayesha truly allowed me to step into my power.


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A comprehensive guide to the signs, houses, planets, aspects and more!  
Written with love to support you in understanding your unique Astrological blueprint.