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Ayesha's masterclasses & programs are for visionaries, entrepreneurs, leaders, healers, and mystics.

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business bundle:

Mystic Business Masterclass Bundle

A powerful fusion of Astrology, business + wealth energetics, manifestation & proven strategy. For the visionary entrepreneur desiring greater magnetism on social media & expansive wealth on all levels.

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The Big Three are an amazing place to start with using Astrology to empower your business. This training will help you unlock the power of your Soul's Map, aka the instruction manual for creating your Heaven on Earth!


business course:

Ready to level up your business?

Create a business that pulsates with the magnetism of your unique essence.
Ayesha's signature program. 

Learn to decode your natal chart and unlock your highest timeline of success, prosperity, and soulful purpose.

- jenna dowd

"You think you are signing up for just a business course, but in actuality it's a business astrology and life astrology course rolled into one. CSC validated every part of my being, supported healing of sexual trauma, and after going through the deep and intense modules, I feel seen. Ayesha has a way of teaching that not only helps you learn astrological strategies, but also helps you EMBODY them."

"Cosmic Success Codes is the most transformative course I've ever taken."

- Jamie rose of wildrose luminary

My mindset and acceptance of myself has expanded. My goals for my business have taken root. My actions have aligned in how I show up and express myself in the online realm. I truly feel like I am now in resonance with my purpose, and have embraced that my mystical, cosmic + spiritual side can take center stage in my life + business. 

I just feel so much more grounded in myself and knowing that my business is my purpose, with clear insights and supportive strategies on how to make all those dreams a reality ✨


- Jenna Heiskanen, of

"...if you want to not only learn astrology but also how to apply it to your life. Since going through the course I have stepped up in my business, showed up in my power, gotten more clear on my brand & message, improved my home life & relationship and become a better mom.

Astrology is so near to my heart and I will keep using this knowledge in my personal life & business for the rest of my life!"

"Cosmic Success Codes

- Mariana Luecker of star aligned academy

"I know more about who I am and how to use it to benefit my clients. I feel in my power and in a path towards success!

And what’s even more exciting is the ongoing online library that Ayesha will be creating and that I will be learning from as part of Cosmic Success!"

"I have achieved a level of confidence in my essence & the way I show up in my business."


Download the guide & read your stars


A comprehensive guide to the signs, houses, planets, aspects and more!  
Written with love to support you in understanding your unique Astrological blueprint.