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Ayesha the Business Oracle is a consummate Astrologer + mystic business coach to visionaries, leaders, coaches, mystics, healers, & creatives.

Her passion is New Paradigm business, and helping entrepreneurs create wild prosperity through their innate Soul gifts.

Ayesha is passionate about transforming the shadows of the past into our most potent healing superpowers. 

Through her own journey of alchemy, she has emerged as an empowered healer and leader in the spiritual business space.

Using Astrology as a navigational system, Ayesha supports mystics and leaders to step into their true Purpose, Power & Potential... for the Highest Good of all.

Your desires chose you for a reason.

real results

"Working with Ayesha has been wonderfully transformational."

It has helped shift blockages, and allowed me to step into my role as a holistic healer. She has given me confidence to go for what I was holding back from. To explore old trauma that was clearly left in my body. 

I feel a new urgency for life, as a leader, as a sexually empowered woman. I loved every minute of our sessions and the integration homework. 

Thank you eternally! Working with Ayesha would benefit anyone experiencing any blockages or obstacles that their past experiences have given them, in order to be able to move ahead with confidence into the life they have dreamed of.

There is so much to say. The work done over a short time of space has been life changing, thank you so much Ayesha for this - a transformational gift that will continue to transform!

- Becci M.

of wild luna yoga

โ€œI never knew how great it could be working with a content creator who GETS it. Mathilde really gets it.โ€

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- rachel, photographer

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Ways to Work with ayesha


Ayesha's powerful, deep-dive classes are an amazing place to start, especially for those interested in learning Astrology.

teach me >


Ayesha's signature programs on Astrology for business, wealth, magnetism,  marketing & more.

let's do this >


Ayesha's bespoke Astrology readings & business intensives are high-touch, transformative, unforgettable experiences.



Ayesha's 90 minute Astrology readings & business intensives are life changing.

This is an experience you can carry with you for the rest of your life.  This reading will never stop giving to you.

Fusing Astrology with psychic insights, you will be activated on your path of Highest Purpose.

From new / aspiring entrepreneur to 6, 7, and 8 figure CEO. This reading will serve your highest Purpose, Power, & Prosperity.

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this is for you if...

You are ready to get your world rocked by the cosmic truth of who you are.


for the soul who...

Is ready to lead themselves to new heights of Purpose, Power, & Potential.

Working with Ayesha 1-to-1 is like having your own consummate Astrologer, manifestation expert, HD + Gene Keys, wealth energetics mentor, and bad bitch business strategist in your back pocket.

Spots are extremely limited and open periodically. Contact Team Oath Oracle for the most current availability.



Your desires chose you for a reason.

when you step upon your path of purpose, the way will unfold at your feet.

-Ayesha Durrani

"She helped me explore my inner self in a way I never had considered before. I've unlocked and released so much that I didn't realize I was carrying, and it has completely changed not only how I look at and love myself, but how I understand my path and purpose.

It's hard to believe that someone can change so much in eight weeks, but it was honestly like finding a key to an old door and finally unlocking it.

client love


rojin was blown away

"Ayesha is absolutely gifted at what she does.โ€

"My first reading with her was so incredibly comprehensive that I was blown away by her intuitive abilities.

She was able to sense things about my inner and outer worlds that even my closest of friends donโ€™t necessarily observe. The most important factor in all this was the fact that none of her reading felt โ€œconfiningโ€ or limiting to me.

Highly recommend her work to anyone interested in this beautiful esoteric art form."

- Rojin S.

stuart felt affirmed & connected

 Incredible. Just. Incredible."

"I have always felt a connection to something greater but never knew what it was. 

Ayesha read me, as if she knew me better than any of my friends.. in some ways even better than myself.

She reaffirmed my beliefs & ideas without having shared them with her.โ€

- Stuart W,

heather unlocked her purpose

"Working with Ayesha was incredible."

- Heather E.

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Soul Wealth

Book Ayesha's signature Soul Wealth reading for a deep dive into your birth chart +  activation of your prosperity & success codes.