my signature astrology for business program

Cosmic success codes

Create a business that pulsates with the magnetism of your unique essence.



YOUR birth chart is
an instruction manual for creating your Heaven on Earth. 

Leveraging this sacred knowledge to support you in your Soul-led business opens you to next-level, aligned AF, cosmic success.

This is about creating your highest timeline of success, wealth, & prosperity.

Cosmic success codes is For the visionary entrepreneur who...


Stands for a New Paradigm of business based on authenticity, purpose & our unique medicine.


Desires greater ease, magnetism, and prosperous flow in business.


Is ready for a more FUN, authentic & creative experience with social media.


Knows that life is a multi-dimensional miracle, and that we have the power to create the world we want to live in.

this is for you.

the magic starts here

- jamie rose, wild rose luminary

"my entire life and business direction has blossomed through the duration of Cosmic Success Codes."

"During this course, I channeled my business name. This rebrand prompted several people to reach out and inquire about my branding techniques, which I learned through Branding for Your Rising Sign! I have received numerous downloads and clarity for offerings, and was able to create effective naming conventions for them through the Mercury + Brand Voice module!

Through understanding myself on a deeper level, I was also inspired to take big personal leaps and move countries.

I just feel so much more grounded in myself and knowing that my business is my purpose, with clear insights and supportive strategies on how to make all those dreams a reality ✨"



"You think you are signing up for just a business course, but in actuality it's a business astrology and life astrology course rolled into one. CSC validated every part of my being, supported healing of sexual trauma, and after going through the deep and intense modules, I feel seen.

Ayesha has a way of teaching that not only helps you learn astrological strategies, but also helps you EMBODY them.

After embodying my planetary success codes, I effortlessly attracted a wait list of clients to me without even having my business fully launched yet!! This course is the real deal and contains everything you could ever want or need to know about astrology for business."



"I am so grateful to found Ayesha when I did. Since working with her, I have got to know my inner self at a much deeper level, as well as how to interact with others at a much deeper level. All I can say is, if you feel deeply connected with Ayesha's work, find a way of working with her, because it will positively impact your life in ways you could never have predicted."



"Since going through the course I have stepped up in my business, showed up in my power, gotten more clear on my brand & message, improved my home life & relationship and become a better mom. Astrology is so near to my heart and I will keep using this knowledge in my personal life & business for the rest of my life!"

What you will learn in cosmic success codesβ„’


Decode the Soul's Map

You will learn to decode your natal placements to empower your purpose & prosperity in business..  This knowledge can even be applied to your clients.


Create Soul Aligned Offers

What kinds of offers are most aligned for your blueprint?  Get insight on group work, 1:1, products and more.


Divine Timing for Business

Know when to do what.  Period.  Leveraging this information for launches, promotions, and more, means attuning to sacred cosmic cycles in a way that benefits all aspects of your business.

what to expect when you join:

Instant access to 15 modules + 13 Q&As
Juicy bonus content.
Replays available in private course portal.
Lifetime access to the content!


what to expect when you join:

1. Your Sun Sign : The light you came here to shine
2. Your Moon Sign : The innermost self
3. Branding for your Rising Sign
4. Mercury The Messenger / Brand Voice
5. Venus + Jupiter : Wealth Codes

the modules

what to expect when you join:

6. Mars, Boundaries + Motivation
7. Evolution w/ Saturn + Pluto
8. Divine Timing for Business
9. Houses & Rulership success codes
10. Saturn + the outer planets

the modules

what to expect when you join:

11. The Chart of Your Business
12. Aspects
13. Money Asteroids
14. Compatibility in Love & Work
15. Work + Wealth houses Deep Dive

the modules

what to expect when you join:

13 pre-recorded Q&As

Q&A Integration calls


The Path of Becoming : The North & South Nodes
Understand your axis of past life karma + future Destiny. Devote yourself to that which you came here to  BECOME.
3 hr masterclass.  Value $197 USD.

Chiron : Alchemy of the Wounded Healer.
Activate your most miraculous healing gifts through transmuting your deepest karmic wounds.
For coaches, leaders, healers, and mystics.
3 hr masterclass.  Value $222 USD.

Venus Codes Masterclass
Activate your unique Venus magnetism for love, beauty, art, wealth & business
2.5 hr masterclass.  Value $133 USD.

Jupiter Abundance Codes
Tap into the full potential of your unique code for abundance, opportunity and expansion
2 hr masterclass.  Value $111 USD.

High school drop out turned multi six-figure entrepreneur.

ABOUT ayesha

I've studied Astrology for 18+ years.

Using my penetrating knowledge of Astrology,  I have created a multi six-figure business in under two years...

Having the most fun, feeling deeply fulfilled each and every day, and being able to contribute at a level I'd only dreamt of.

my secret sauce

Strategy by the stars

My methods are far from "woo woo".

Astrology is an esoteric art, science, and language.
And my implementation of it for business is highly strategic.

When it comes to business, there is endless information and strategy available to us.

By filtering this through the undeniable truth of our placements, we find the most powerful strategies for our unique energetic blueprint.   The results speak for themselves.

Again and again I break records in revenue in my business, and 1-on-1 my clients do the same!

 client love 🌹

Drop into your heart space..

& imagine this:

+ creating wild prosperity through soul purpose

+ guidance on when to do what (from higher self)

+ sales, marketing & social media feel fun af

+ innate magnetism reaching new levels

how does that sound, beauty?

i'm ready to pay in full
payment plan? β†’

- sam nuzio

I feel embraced and EMPOWERED by having a deeper knowledge of my birth chart..

I feel embraced and EMPOWERED by having a deeper knowledge of my birth chart. As Ayesha says it is your "permission slip" and that couldn't have resonated more! From a business perspective, I feel that I am more clear than ever before about what my business outlook is and how I want to express myself within my branding, offers and sessions with clients.


- Anita

I have never known myself on this deep level until Cosmic Success Codes.

 Ayesha opened my world to the possibilities that exist for us when we align to our blueprint and our souls essence. The energy Ayesha brings to this ancient modality makes it so relative to our world right now and I cant get enough of her work! Cosmic Success Codes has birthed an obsession with Astrology and I will be on a life long journey with Ayeshas work and the Astrology world. These codes have transformed my life and my relationship with the universe. Forever grateful for these codes 


- Nicole Gaucher

Cosmic Success Codes is not just a business course but a journey of personal discovery.

 The more I learned the more I wanted to know! I am so glad I signed up as it not only gave me so much insight as I start my coaching business but has also empowered me to proudly show up more authentically as myself as I have gotten to know myself on a deeper level.


- Natalie Venus

I've come out of this container greatly expanded & excited to continue my romance with astrology

I had a lot of negative stories about what my placements meant about me, my work, my value, & whether I could be successful or if anyone would take me seriously. All of this has flipped on its head & Ive come out the other side feeling completely empowered in my astrological blueprint. I'm noticing a shift in how I show up, what I say, the offers & content I'm creating... I feel like I'm a completely different person - I'm more me. I didn't realise how much I needed this. Thank you, thank you, thank you πŸ’•


does this light you up?

take a deep breath

If so, I invite you to join Cosmic Success Codesβ„’, and unlock your next level prosperity in soul business.

full body yes! PIF β†’

real results

"I signed my first serious client since joining CSC"

"After diving into the layers of my birth chart, applying my "Big Three" to my Soul Purpose, and uncovering my Jupiter, Chiron, and outer planets placements I was able to unlock my purpose for being here during this lifetime! I signed my first serious client while taking this course and I was able to leave my draining, unfulfilling 9-5.

I no longer feel shame for desiring to become a modern mystic (I already am)! I no longer feel like I have been 'failing' to reach arbitrary societal milestones (thank you, generational placements in Uranus, Neptune and Pluto)! I finally feel clicked in and turned on to my Divine Assignment and Soul Mission AND I have received a clear pathway to accomplish it! Thank you, Ayesha!!""

- Melanie

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"CSC has empowered me to step into my power and own who I am. AND to top it all off now i have friends coming to me that want me to read them their birth chart!"

Cosmic Success Codes is absolutely AMAZING I would blindly recommend this course to anyone -- especially if you are interested in all things astrology. Ayesha does a magnificent job at distilling down complex information into something that is so easily digestible. I am so grateful for this course, it has definitely given me a much greater insight on myself, my unique archetypes, & who I came here to be in this life. It has given me more of a sense of direction & confidence in creating what I am here to create.

- Brittney

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"Since joining I have really been able to see more clearly how best to run my business. "

Ayesha has a way of explaining even the most complex astrological concepts and terms in very easy to understand language in a practical way that you can immediately apply to your business. I love how we used our natal chart to give us a specific and individualized framework telling us how to run our business. I have had a really close look at my chart and taken onboard all that Ayesha has shared and taught us - I feel that my business will flow and be more truly authentically me!! I now know how to best attract my soul aligned clients and the "look" I am going for in my socials.

I no longer feel shame for desiring to become a modern mystic (I already am)! I no longer feel like I have been 'failing' to reach arbitrary societal milestones (thank you, generational placements in Uranus, Neptune and Pluto)! I finally feel clicked in and turned on to my Divine Assignment and Soul Mission AND I have received a clear pathway to accomplish it! Thank you, Ayesha!!""

- Belinda

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