Uplevel your business, impact and income through magnetic + authentic AF email magic     

Uplevel your business, impact and income
through magnetic + authentic AF email magic     

Email Magic

Email Magic

Uplevel your business, impact and income through magnetic + authentic AF email magic     


Finally break through into taking email seriously.
Fortify your business and deepen relationship with your soul mate clients … helping them recognize YOU as the coach / healer / mentor / creative for them

What are you waiting for ???

A four module immersion to jump start you into attracting + receiving your dream clients through the power of email.

Learn to create your juicy freebie that magnetizes the RIGHT people (aka your dream clients) and leads them through your offerings. Let your freebie and email strategy nurture clients so sales are coming through while you sleep, go on vacay, and lay at the beach.

Bust through resistance and strengthen this pillar in your business. It’s here to support you, help your soul mate clients find and hire you, and build the impact of your brand.







Module 1: Magic & Mindset

Un-fuck your mindset about email. Recognize this powerful medium and open up to exponential growth in business, client connection, sales, and impact. Engage with email in a way that is authentic, creative, and a match to your soul aligned clients.

Social trends & algorithms come and go. Email is forever. This module will also cover my best email writing tips that feel AMAZING and never icky / forced.

Module 2: Magnet

Module 3: Merchant

Create a powerful freebie that magnetizes the RIGHT people into your spaces, and acts as the perfect appetizer before the main dish that is your services / products / offerings. Craft your freebie in a strategic way that makes sales effortless, and yes, even while you sleep or lay on the beach. Relax and receive baby!

This module will also discuss how to get people to actually download and open your freebie, so they can start receiving your medicine instantly and automatically… entering them into the flow of your client journey!

Lets be real - if we don’t have sales, we don’t have a business… we have a hobby.

Emails aren’t a place to over give or use as your diary. They are a strategic pillar of your business. This module is all about copy, sales, strategy, and email sequences from your lead magnet as well as during a launch.

Module 4: Q&A

A high value, pre-recorded Q&A session.


This is for you if …

  • You have been saying you are gonna start being more consistent with email (or even start your list to begin with!)

  • You have been in resistance with email and want a fire lit under your ass ;)

  • You want to learn how I have created multiple millions organically in my business using email as one of my two main mediums

  • Email has felt forced / stale / inauthentic and you know that’s not the vibe

  • You know you could be making way more money than you currently are yet you haven’t been showing up for email in the way you know you could be

  • You have been giving all your creative energy to social platforms… not realizing much of email gets to work automatically and symbiotically with your social creations, which exponentially increases your sales WITHOUT actually using much more life force energy!

  • Your freebie is either non-existent or you know it could use a level up

  • OR… your freebie is awesome but no one downloads it!

  • You feel like you overgive in email / your freebie cos you aren’t asking for the sale

  • You approach email in a random way…. So you get random results ;)

  • You wanna be in an expansive, immersive container that isn’t drawn out over months… cos you are ready for the results ASAP and to jump on a new timeline of client attraction, money, brand & relationship building.


This is not for you if…

  • You refuse to do email lol

  • You are committed to your comfort zone and excuses

  • You want to be saved or for someone to do the work for you

  • You don’t take responsibility for your own results in life and business

  • You don’t resonate with my work / the way I teach

  • You aren’t willing to invest (even tho learning this can literally 10x your business and put you on a trajectory of success that will keep reaping rewards for years to come …)
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Implement Email Magic
and receive messages like this...
Sacred Social Media was a complete game changer for me and transformed my relationship with social media. The way that Ayesha teaches the strategy and energetics behind her approach to social media is so accessible and empowering that I immediately saw results after implementing.

My reach was up over 500%, my engagement up over 300%, and I doubled my follower growth...

Ayesha’s generosity of her medicine is infused throughout this container and really supported a transformation in how I approach my social media. Instead of feeling weighed down, I now feel empowered by it and have booked my first paying clients as a result. Thank you, Ayesha, for opening a door for me that I didn’t know could be opened.

Joining Sacred Social Media has been easily one of the best investments I’ve ever made. It helped me get my business off the ground. I hadn’t even started a social media account for my business when I started the course, but by the end of it, I have lots of engaged followers and am absolutely loving sharing my wisdom with the world.

Before the course, I was dreading starting a social media account and was agonising over what I would post. I also feared sharing my story and my ideas for fear of hate and people not caring what I have to say. The personal transformation I’ve experienced through this course has blown my mind. I now love sharing my story and wisdom on social media and I love creating beautiful graphics that have helped me build a strong brand for my business. I am so grateful for this course, it is seriously fantastic and I would recommend it for anyone starting or building their soul aligned business.
I found Ayesha back in June 2020. Since then, I’ve engaged in many of her programs and work shops. I love how she explains things. I feel like her brain is talking directly to my brain and it all makes sense. Course Creatrix was exactly that. Ayesha broke down something quite complex, into easy manageable steps. Every time I create a new course, I will go back and follow the step by step structures that Ayesha created for each module.

In my heart, I am certain Course Creatrix is the pivotal point in my biz, to help me spread my work to more people at affordable costs, simultaneously rewarding me with an income that affirms the value in the wisdom I have to share.
Sacred Sales Ascension liberated my fear and accelerated my sale energetic to the point of being crazy, literally. My biz was exposed to the new energy that it never experienced before. That energy was confidence, fun, joy, one of a kind, magnetism and authenticity. I am more strategic in things I do on my business account and also embrace it with the right energy and FUN.

All in all, I got new eyes and a new fresh perspective towards sales and was become more positive and more aligned to the mindset that like every other type of business, sale is essential and can blend well with spirituality.
Ayesha brought back the joy in creating and branding. Since Course Creatrix, I’ve gained a new sense of courage and confidence when creating my offers. The seamless and efficient approaches that Ayesha provided created practical steps to get over the resistance I had to not only making courses as well as showing up to promote these offers. I made back the investment before the course was even over. I am showing up more than ever in my business now.

I enjoyed the potent and practical transmissions from Ayesha as well as the inspiring community. The metaphors she used to describe certain aspects in business just hit home providing deep clarity. Everyone apart of this space has genuine love and cheered each other on, a trait that shows just how special Ayesha is for attracting these types.
- madeline the healer
I feel so empowered when it comes to showing up on Instagram. I can FEEL my brand, my voice, my uniqueness my scrolling through my profile. I was able to sell out my first offer with the practices and energetic shifts from Sacred Social Media.

Everything she shared was new and not just a copy and paste teaching. Her energy in her containers is so powerful and transformative.

I feel confident In who I am and the medicine I have to share with the world and I couldn’t have done it without the wisdom from Ayesha 💖🥺 I find myself coming back to this course weekly to receive guidance in next steps and refresh my memory!

- maureen
[The Mystic Business Bundle] right here is SOLID GOLD! I took your advice on reels and created one for my little tarot gram.. literally I have 69 followers. This reel reached 3,028 accounts!

That's 2003% MORE accounts that saw ONE REEL than all my posts in October.

I CANNOT. This actually inspired me to create a website and Etsy shop for my readings....because WHY NOT?! Thank you for your infinite wisdom! 
What people are saying about Ayesha's teachings

You don’t own your social media platforms.

 But you do own your email list, and get to express yourself there without limits or censorship.

By avoiding building a thriving email list & strategy,

You are putting all your eggs in the basket of social platforms… and at the mercy of censorship & algorithm changes.

Don’t get me wrong, I love socials and know we can thrive thru any algorithm shift.

          strategically &
 intentionally building email,

But by

you strengthen your business for years to come. You open up pathways and new horizons that can 10x your business, impact and income.

for earth angels in business

This is included in...


Alongside two monthly mastermind calls, a thriving community, all programs and masterclasses launched during our time together, the Program Vault, access to The Star Stream, and more... a value of over $50,000
This program can act as a credit. If you love the experience and want to be a part of the full immersive year, you have 30 days from purchase to apply your investment to The Temple!


Frequently asked questions

No, this is not an Astrology program. This is a business strategy program on email marketing, channeled by Oath Oracle. 

This is an instant access, evergreen program, that does not include live support. However, a large number of questions were answered throughout the modules and there is a highly valuable recorded Q&A.

Due to the digital nature of this program, there are no refunds permitted. Please make this investment from a place of empowered choice.