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Success is in your blueprint

Unlock the power of your Soul's Map, aka the instruction manual for creating your Heaven on Earth!

Perfect for coaches, mystics, healers, and all soul-led entrepreneurs to create a business that pulsates with the magnetism of your unique essence.
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astrology for business

the big three

- Jenna D.

Sacred Social Media was a complete game changer for me and transformed my relationship with social media. The way that Ayesha teaches the strategy and energetics behind her approach to social media is so accessible and empowering that I immediately saw results after implementing. My reach was up over 500%, my engagement up over 300%, and I doubled my follower growth...

Ayesha’s generosity of her medicine is infused throughout this container and really supported a transformation in how I approach my social media. Instead of feeling weighed down, I now feel empowered by it and have booked my first paying clients as a result. Thank you, Ayesha, for opening a door for me that I didn’t know could be opened.

Ayesha truly allowed me to step into my power.

- Tukata C.

...and accelerated my sale energetic to the point of being crazy, literally. My biz was exposed to the new energy that it never experienced before. That energy was confidence, fun, joy, one of a kind, magnetism and authenticity. I am more strategic in things I do on my business account and also embrace it with the right energy and FUN.

All in all, I got new eyes and a new fresh perspective towards sales and was become more positive and more aligned to the mindset that like every other type of business, sale is essential and can blend well with spirituality.

Sacred Sales Ascension liberated my fear 

- kerry p.

I found Ayesha back in June 2020. Since then, I’ve engaged in many of her programs and work shops. I love how she explains things. I feel like her brain is talking directly to my brain and it all makes sense. Course Creatrix was exactly that. Ayesha broke down something quite complex, into easy manageable steps. Every time I create a new course, I will go back and follow the step by step structures that Ayesha created for each module.

In my heart, I am certain Course Creatrix is the pivotal point in my biz, to help me spread my work to more people at affordable costs, simultaneously rewarding me with an income that affirms the value in the wisdom I have to share.

Course Creatrix is the pivotal point in my biz

- Dusah, the serpent goddess

Since Course Creatrix, I’ve gained a new sense of courage and confidence when creating my offers. The seamless and efficient approaches that Ayesha provided created practical steps to get over the resistance I had to not only making courses as well as showing up to promote these offers. I made back the investment before the course was even over. I am showing up more than ever in my business now.

I enjoyed the potent and practical transmissions from Ayesha as well as the inspiring community. The metaphors she used to describe certain aspects in business just hit home providing deep clarity. Everyone apart of this space has genuine love and cheered each other on, a trait that shows just how special Ayesha is for attracting these types.

Ayesha brought back the joy in creating and branding

- Rebecca G

What else can one expect from Ayesha the Oath Oracle?! I am not the same person coming out of the container as I was going into it, and I am forever grateful to the person I was when I signed up for this course (it doesn’t even feel right calling it a “course” because it’s SO. MUCH. MORE. than that!).

Wealth Magician continues to blow my mind daily with realizations from the embodiment work. I’m excited to go through the recordings again so I can dig deeper: it’s an incredible practice to be able to connect with my higher self on a quantum timeline and bend time to become my future self in the here and now.

Highly recommend for ANYONE who wants to think about and experience money differently!  

Wealth Magician was nothing short of, well, magic. 

- Anoushka V.

Soul Business Accelerator completed fueled me to take massive MESSY ACTION!!! I've been stuck in not knowing how to move forward and knowing that other business owners experience this too and with the practical suggestions that Ayesha offered, I have a renewed energy to go after my dreams.

I have a renewed energy to go after my dreams.

- Areege C.

Ahhhhh so many new ideas and a FRESH bolt of excitement! I finally feel like I'm on-track and MOVING again! Ayesha's passion & energy is just so contagious, I feel RE-VITALIZED!!!! Through the immersion, I was able to notice my blind spots and what exact areas of my business needed attention.

With that awareness, allllll the relevant action-steps became obvious. And now I'm just riding this beautiful wave of MOMENTUM!!!! I feel like I'm being catapulted into my next-level in an EXTREMELY tangible + practical way. Plus, I no longer feel like I have to wait for 'divine timing'... I know what is in my control & how to sustain this sensation of forward movement myself.

 I feel like I'm being catapulted into my next-level 

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Activate your unique Venus magnetism for love, beauty, art, wealth & business

By utilizing her transits, feeding our natal sign, and tapping into her goddess energy, we can amplify our attraction of all we value, and all we desire.

venus codes masterclass

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Jupiter Abundance Codes

Jupiter in Taurus

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Align with this Great Benefic for greater expansion, prosperity, and purpose, with both potent masterclasses for even grater savings!

 The planet of abundance and expansion in the sign of money, pleasure, sensuality & self worth. Learn how to make the most of this luscious year long transit

Learn how to activate the full potential of your unique code for abundance, opportunity and expansion by tapping into your natal Jupiter placement!

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jupiter blessings

The Wealth Expansion Bundle

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Craft a routine that is deeply attuned to you, activating your unique astrological blueprint for soulful success, magnetism, and flow throughout your day.

Aligned AF

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manifestation morning routine


The transformational journey of alchemizing the deepest wounds into the most miraculous gifts.

Understand how to work with your Chiron placement for the Highest Good of All.


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alchemy of the wounded healer

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Cast aside the shadows of indecision, people pleasing and codependency as the Nodes call you further on your path of purpose.

I will teach you how to work with the exact area where there is the greatest opportunity for personal empowerment, growth and wild success - based on your unique birth chart

north node in aries

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3 months of private coaching to quantum leap into 2024

Empowered with high level business strategy, wealth codes activation, astrology, human design, and identity upgrade

Your business is the vehicle for your purpose work and prosperity in this world.

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