Master sacred sales and create the impact that your legacy is destined for. 

Catalyze your medicine into the prosperous, sustainable business of your dreams.

sales = Sexy sacred sustenance

I have spoken to so many mystics and healers struggling with sales. 

You know what it’s like…
  • The 'ick' around promoting your offers.
  • The insecurity that makes you shrink when talking about pricing. 
  • The confusion from contradictory advice and the dissatisfaction with traditional courses that do not resonate.

Selling does not have to feel uncomfortable, shameful, or misleading.

feeling aligned and excited about your sales strategy

feeling inspired and having fun while selling

making sales effortless while you sleep or travel the world

breaking revenue records every month, feeling luscious af while organically growing your audience and the reach of your gifts.

collapsing timelines of business expansion and revenue growth

actually loving and looking forward to launches

receiving a steady stream of abundance into your bank account even when you are not actively selling

Picture this...

I used to feel
uncomfortable with sales.

Now I am creating $10,000 cash received days, 30k weeks and 76k revenue months… without ads, complicated funnels, or inorganic tactics.

The key was confronting my beliefs and transforming my relationship with sales, learning powerful strategy and energetics that feel so authentic to me

This has transformed my life. Without it, I wouldn't be looking at buying my first property!

Now, it’s your turn.

Module 1 : Authentic AF
Module 2 : Pricing & Price embodiment
Module 3 : Masc / Femme energy in Sales
Module 4 : Soul Aligned Client
Module 5 : Selling on Socials, emails & DMs
Module 6 : Masterclass Mastery (paid and free)
Module 7 : In Love with Launching
Module 8 : Sexy Sustenance 
Stacking monthly recurring revenue, back end sales, flash sales, & generating revenue without launching.

What you'll learn

8 live calls
2 live Q&A calls
Bonus: The Alchemy of Sales
Replays available in private course portal.
Lifetime access to the content!


Calls begin June 24th

Most live training calls will be on Wednesdays at 11am PT except for the first week will be on Friday 6/24 and the week of July 18 will be on Monday 7/18

Live Q&A #1 and #2 - Dates TBA

Recordings will be available

call schedule

what to expect when you join:

Shifting our trajectories towards more profitability, feeling resourced AF and sales coming in while we sleep (yes this is a thing).

8 weeks to...

This      for you if:

You are ready to stop walking on eggshells around sales, feeling avoidant, unclear, icky, and selling yourself (and your potential clients) short.

You are attached to specific results within a certain timeframe.

You’ve learned sales tactics that didn’t feel good or authentic to you… & you are ready for a juicy new liberated way!

You are not 100% responsible for your life and your results in any given container.

You sense you are meant to be a part of the emerging new paradigm of business that is energy, frequency, heart & soul led!

It's probably        for you if...

You don’t believe in magic :)



You want to feel more confidence and clarity in the expression of your offers & sales conversations.

You have big, juicy, bad ass desires and you are ready to claim them! 

You desire to honour your work at new levels, own and embody your prices, & make bank while being your full authentic AF self.

You are ready to work with more clients in your containers, programs and offerings… who actually feel like a Fuck Yes and love to pay you!

Which ultimately empowers you even more in your mastery, your medicine, your lifestyle, and your LEGACY.

"It changed my perspective on my business, my life, my work, my attitude towards love, and most importantly, she confirmed, unlocked and revealed a lot of things to me that I had previously been searching for.  

 My gratitude to you is unquantifiable.
Thank you SO MUCH for being in your Divine purpose."

"ayesha's intuitive accuracy absolutely floored me."

- jasper, owner, jasper haeward media

High school drop out turned multi six-figure entrepreneur.

ABOUT ayesha

Using my penetrating knowledge of Astrology and energetics,  I have created a multi six-figure business in under two years...

Having the most fun, feeling deeply fulfilled each and every day, and being able to contribute at a level I'd only dreamt of.



Shift your trajectory towards more profitability in business and feeling resourced AF


Master the alchemy of sales, launching, and increasing your prices


Learn to sell effortlessly on IG stories or in the DMs 


Increase your wealth frequency and magnetism

this is for you.

for earth angels in business

This is included in...


Alongside two monthly mastermind calls, a thriving community, all programs and masterclasses launched during our time together, the Program Vault, access to The Star Stream, and more... a value of over $50,000
This program can act as a credit. If you love the experience and want to be a part of the full immersive year, you have 30 days from purchase to apply your investment to The Temple!

Is this an Astrology course?

No, this is not an Astrology course. This is a sales strategy and energetics course. Through Ayesha's journey from 0 - $76,000 months, she has distilled her learnings into Selling Wisdom that is deeply embodied and keeps sales steadily flowing through her business daily & she shares it all comprehensively inside of this program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there refunds?

I am on the fence about joining.

No refunds are permitted.

Ayesha encourages you to use your intuition, authority, and listen to your body. Since there are no refunds, please make a sovereign and embodied investment decision. There is no need to feel urgency or pressure. Ayesha wants all those who join to join from a space of empowered desire, rather than lack or fear.


take a deep breath

If so, I invite you to join Sacred Sales Ascension!

Mastering sales has the power to not only change your life, but your family, your community, and your clients.