A strategy heavy and results oriented program,
Interwoven with energetics and magic.

Redefine your relationship to social media.

Increase the ROI on your social media efforts.

Get your sacred work in front of new eyes, & amp up your magnetism with your existing audience.

Clarify your voice and messaging.  

Your platforms and content are a bridge you build between you and your soul aligned clients..

Between your medicine and their life changing transformation… between where you are now and where you desire to be in your business and purpose path.

Social media is a powerful tool for the new paradigm and soul led entrepreneurs.

You could use it to numb and dissociate.. 
Or you could Use it to CONNECT AND THRIVE!

  • Empower your platforms
  • Have way more fun with social media
  • Attract new aligned AF clients
  • and build momentum into 2023

Ara you ready?


introducing my 8 week
social media program

MODULE 4 : engagement & growth

MODULE 3 : brand voice & visual identity 

MODULE 2 : content creatrix 

MODULE 1 : mindset, authenticity, & coding

MODULE 5 : algorithm alchemy

MODULE 6 : story strategy

2 x 90 MIN Q&A'S

Self study with instant, lifetime access

MODULE 7 : selling on socials

MODULE 8 : canva design lab

This      for you if:

You are an online business owner and you are ready to breakthrough into a new level of creativity, sales, and authenticity on social media

You are interested in vanity metrics alone (trust me, numbers will grow through this work, but it’s not the goal. Likes don’t equal impact or clients.)

You want a magnetic personal brand that pulsates with YOUR unique essence

You are not open to magic, working with the quantum field, or energy work (no experience required but you must be open to exploring with us)

Your experience with social media has felt anywhere from “Meh” to “Ugh”

It's probably        for you if...

You don’t have a business yet… it’s not ideal to join if you don’t yet have a business. This is for people with offerings who are ready to get out there, share their medicine and get booked out. I have other programs suited for aspiring entrepreneurs who don’t yet have offerings, such as the Soul Business Accelerator.



You are done asking yourself “Why do I have to do this???” and are ready to take ownership for a new experience with social media

You like the idea of your social media feeling like an art gallery for your personal expression, passion and story-telling

You want to learn how I do my own design on Canva to create a recognizable visual identity online that is so aligned with your unique energy

You have ever felt creatively blocked with posting content

You have ever wondered what to post to connect to your soul aligned dream clients

You desire practical AF strategies on audience growth, content creation, algorithm stoking, and sales on social media

You are not willing to take responsibility for your own life and results

You are ready for a mindset shift that de-prioritizes vanity metrics and opens you up to greater influence, impact, and income while feeling amazing about what you do

You are done with posting from a space of pressure.. Or NOT posting for weeks from a place of avoidance

You want to leave crusty old paradigm forced creation and soul-sucking social media in the past… you want to strut into 2023 feeling aligned AF and receiving steady sales and growth online!

You are ready to engage with social media as the life changing opportunity that it is!!!  

You want to grow your online presence without hopping on trends that don’t feel good to you

Your work reaching thousands upon thousands globally… your content selling for you while you sleep.. Your essence feeling honoured and expressed… your audience connecting with you and your medicine.. LET’S GET IT!!!!

You want to replicate or copy my work in any way

- Sureya
I've taken almost all of Ayesha's classes & they are such magical portals that have influenced my life & business in such profound ways. One of my favorite things about Ayesha is her ability to distill deep concepts in a way that really land and integrate.
what people are saying about ayesha's work
- kiran
"One thing that always stands out for me is that Ayesha always deliver and so much more. She is incredibly generous with her time, wisdom and with sharing her own experiences."
what people are saying about ayesha's work
- leah
"Ayesha is a true gift, and I’ll forever be grateful for her and the containers she provides to help others thrive and step into their most abundant selves 🌺✨"
what people are saying about ayesha's work

for earth angels in business

This is included in...


Alongside two monthly mastermind calls, a thriving community, all programs and masterclasses launched during our time together, the Program Vault, access to The Star Stream, and more... a value of over $50,000
This program can act as a credit. If you love the experience and want to be a part of the full immersive year, you have 30 days from purchase to apply your investment to The Temple!

are you ready to Have more fun with social media and
Attract new aligned AF clients?