The edgiest path I’ve chosen to walk

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Ayesha's vision is New Paradigm conscious business, financial freedom, and liberation for all creators, so we can thrive, explore our Potential, own our Power and stand in our Purpose, each of us co-creating a beautiful & ethical world with our Soul work.

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🥀 At the end of 2021, the Coven membership closes.⁣

This has been the hardest choice I’ve made in business. ⁣

⁣Because the Coven is AMAZING, 106 visionaries doing powerful work in the world. ⁣

⁣It was my very first group offering.⁣

⁣I launched in March 2020 & opened the Coven in June.⁣

⁣I was a bb entrepreneur. Tasting, experimenting.⁣

⁣The Coven blossomed.⁣

⁣Relationships. People meeting friends, collaborators, mentors, clients.⁣

⁣Boundary initiations. Someone tried to copy the magic of the Coven & created a regurgitated version under a dif name.⁣

⁣Abundance. Doing what I love & receiving mad prosperity.⁣

⁣Family. Some members in the Coven from day 1 until now. 😭⁣

⁣Tears. “I’ve never felt so safe inside a container, thank you all.”⁣

⁣Celebrations. “I had a 20k month easier than I thought possible!”⁣

⁣Inclusivity. “This is the most diverse moon circle ever”⁣

⁣I have transformed so much..⁣

⁣I have built a wonderful business that is at nearly 300k for the year so far. ⁣

⁣I broke through so many perceived limitations, old stories, obsolete paradigms that I used to live in.⁣

⁣I’ve uncovered deep karmic patterns of perfectionism, people pleasing, over-work, and more… I battled to attain work / life balance, feeling like a constant “failure”.⁣

⁣My schedule seemed to create itself, no days off as I leapt to accommodate anyone / anything. A trauma response in REACTION to the external rather than conscious creation of my life.⁣

⁣I am being called to clear, clear, clear.⁣

⁣I am being called to dance in No-thing-ness.⁣

⁣I am being called into the Wild, the Void, the darkness of creation.⁣

⁣I am being called to meet my Self & my medicine even deeper.⁣

⁣I am being called to honour my guidance even if it makes zero “logical” sense to others / my Ego.⁣

I have no idea what is coming “next”…⁣

And that’s exactly what my Soul craves.⁣

(Welcome to the path of Pisces North Node in the 8th house LOL ☥)⁣

To the Coven babes, ⁣

Thank you for being a part of this & who we all became through the journey.⁣

Love + infinite gratitude,⁣


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This has been the hardest choice I've made in business. ⁣

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