New Moon in Capricorn Horoscopes

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Ayesha's vision is New Paradigm conscious business, financial freedom, and liberation for all creators, so we can thrive, explore our Potential, own our Power and stand in our Purpose, each of us co-creating a beautiful & ethical world with our Soul work.

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January 2 @ 10:33am PST / 1:33pm EST / 6:33pm GMT

January 3 @ 12:03am IST / 5:33am AEST

The first New Moon of 2022.

In the sign of Capricorn, the goal-getter, the CEO.

The mountain goat who was built to ASCEND.

Who is able to climb to the highest heights, the top,

where others are not willing to go.

Who is the Architect of their own success.

The Builder of Legacies.


With harsh aspect to Chiron in Aries, wounds around masculine energy are confronting us in order to empower our path to our New Moon manifestation.

What is your relationship with the masculine?

With structure, boundaries, discipline, honour, strength?

We are being called to come into right relationship with the masculine principle (within ourselves and all of creation)

With trine to Uranus, the Great Awakener, quantum leaps are available to us on the path to our manifestation

We are being liberated from past patterns, and our wishes may be granted faster than we think.

Aries Sun / Moon / Rising

New cycle in Career. Fame. Reputation. Recognition.

Stepping into new levels of Power & Authority.

What Legacy are you building?

Are you devoted to your true Life’s Work?

Are you willing to be responsible for your Success?

What do you desire to be known for?

Taurus / Sun / Moon / Rising

New cycle in higher learning & expansion.

Seeing life as the Adventure that it truly is.

Rebirth of Faith & Optimism about your path.

Stepping into a new course of study.

And / or stepping up as a teacher and guide.

Open your mind to the possibilities of your life.

Spirit wants you to expand into your potential.

Gemini Sun / Moon / Rising

Deep, life changing transformation.

Shadow-work that ultimately liberates your potential.

What does Rebirth mean to you now?

You are ready to rise as the Phoenix.

New beginning in terms of business, finance, wealth.

Deeper intimacy & expansive sexual power.

Cancer Sun / Moon / Rising

Partnership. Secure relating. Reciprocity.

A new beginning in healthy Give / Take.

1-on-1 client work. Collaboration. Team work.

Strive for balance. Secure attachment.

Notice if you fall into the role of rescuer or saviour.

Set boundaries that support healthy, fulfilling relationship

Leo Sun / Moon / Rising

New cycle of vibrant health and nourishment.

Shattering past patterns of compulsive hustle & grind.

Ritual. Practices. Day to day routine.

Structure that truly supports your dream visions.

Choosing a work-flow that actually serves you.

It’s not about restriction. It’s about RADIANCE.

Virgo Sun / Moon / Rising

Rebirth of Inner Child. Fun. Play. Expression.

Creativity is life force energy.

Shine your light. Unleash your essence.

Don’t get too caught up in goals, restriction, etc.

Your passion is the real key here.

You deserve Joy. Not later, but now.

Libra Sun / Moon / Rising

Setting down Roots. Home. Family. Lineage.

Receive the support of your Ancestors.

Connect to your Divine Feminine energy.

Womb healing. Mother healing. Nurturing.

Create your Sanctuary, within as well as in your home.

Call in your Dream Home.

Scorpio Sun / Moon / Rising

Rebirth of your Message.

Communicate with clarity. Say what must be said.

Social media refresh / rebrand.

Amazing time to begin a media project, such as a podcast.

You can be quite private and mysterious, Scorpio…

But you are being called to share your story

and clarify your message.

Sagittarius Sun / Moon / Rising

Rebirth of prosperity, wealth, security, & embodiment.

Creation portal for new income streams & financial security.

Root down into your powerful true Self-Worth.

This empowers your wealth frequency and magnetism.

Empress energy activation. Pleasure. Sensuality. Wealth.

Feel the support of Gaia.

Capricorn Sun / Moon / Rising

Turning a corner after years of deep transformation.

You have experienced major upheaval for years.

Now you are ready to be Rebirthed.

Who did you come here to Become?

How are you meant to Shine your unique light?

Do you, Capricorn. This is your Glow Up.

Aquarius Sun / Moon / Rising

Rebirth at the deepest subconscious levels.

Spiritual awakening. Surrender to this divine process.

Ask and ye shall receive. Invite in the support of Spirit.

Forgive what is ready to be forgiven. Start fresh.

Choose stories about yourself and life that support your desires.

You are the disciple of your Higher Self.

The past had a Purpose. It led you to this moment.

Pisces Sun / Moon / Rising

New cycle in community, hopes, dreams, innovation, crypto.

The “Wish Fulfillment” New Moon,

if you are willing to do the work required of you.

Dream the big Dream. Commit to your Vision.

Liberate from the past to step into your Future.

You aren’t here to conform… You are inventing a new Way.

Networking + technology serve your path of purpose.

We’ve turned an energetic corner.

From a time of sacred release and transition.. from a time of inward journeying and all the feels…

New Moon in Cap is here to awaken us to the possibilities we have before us.

Inviting us to boss up.

To activate our soul ambitions.. encouraging inspired action towards the goals that end up creating our Legacy.

We are in forward motion. We are building momentum. We are taking responsibility for the creation of Heaven on Earth.

While at the same time shattering distortions around Cap energy such as hustle culture, productivity addiction, seeking external metrics to validate our sense of success, etc.

It’s a beautiful dance that brings us to our most meaningful goals, to a sense of sacred responsibility, discipline and devotion… not to that which is external, but to the
internal light asking for expression in the material.

  • What does success truly mean to you? What did you learn about success and your path of purpose in 2021?
  • What seeds are you planting in the soil of this powerful new beginning?
  • Are you willing to take responsibility for your success and fulfillment?
  • What inspired action can you take to anchor them in, moving them from a lofty “Dream” to a powerful goal?
  • What is your true Soul Legacy?

& with Mercury now in Aquarius…

  • What is your Revolution?

May these insights inspire, empower, and activate you on your own unique path of purpose.

So much love,

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