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The Full Moon in Aries will be exact on :::

October 9 βœ§ 1:54pm PT / 4:54pm ET / 9:54pm GMT

October 10 βœ§ 2:24am IST / 7:54am AEST

The final Full Moon before Eclipse season.

A clearing and purging of distortions around healthy expressions of masculine energy.

A renewal of courage, honour, initiative, integrity,

bold action, boundaries, vitality.

A rebirth of the sacred warrior within,

the knight, the protector, the one who advocates for your needs, upholds boundaries, and stands up for what is right.

The Full Moon is conjunct to Chiron, the wounded healer.

Chiron’s current cycle of profound healing with masculine warrior energy began when it entered Aries in April 2018 and continues until 2027.

The Full Moon here invites a powerful cleanse of all that has come up during this time. This is a release portal.

This healing impacts us globally, with Aries ruled by Mars, the god of War.

This healing impacts us personally, as we explore what healthy power and action mean to us, and decide for ourselves what is worth fighting for.

This healing impacts us relationally as heal people pleasing & find reciprocity + divine union with others, balancing the axis of Me and We.

For some a distortion of this energy may be the tendency toward dominance, force and oppression in order to gain a sense of power over others.

For others it may be disowning and shunning our power for fear of being bad / punished.

It’s time to reclaim our healthy power, our sacred Yes and holy No, to stand our ground for what matters and take inspired action towards what we desire.

I find myself in tears daily witnessing the women’s uprising in Iran, the reclamation, true courage standing up against oppression. The divine WARRIOR is here. βœŠπŸ½β€οΈβ€πŸ”₯

With opposition to Sun & Venus in Libra, justice, love & partnership themes are coming up powerfully. We are ready for the balanced union of strong individuals. It’s not one or the other. It’s Both / And.

β™ˆοΈ Aries Sun / Moon / Rising

The Glow-Up full moon. Shattering blocks to your expression.

What truly ignites your Soul? What lights up your passion?

The re-invention of YOU.

The kind that is apparent to all those around you.

Adorn yourself to reflect the beauty of your Soul.

Emanate your truth. Broadcast your transformation.

♉️ Taurus Sun / Moon / Rising

Deep cleanse of the subconscious depths.

Self-sabotage patterns coming undone and being released.

Release fears to boldly taking action or setting boundaries.

Profound forgiveness of Self & Others.

It can be challenging for a Taurus to let go.

But if you allow this process, miracles will unfold.

Surrender. Meditate. Pray.

Let music be your medicine.

β™Š Gemini Sun / Moon / Rising

Completion with friend groups & community.

For my biz owners : this highlights group client work.

Clearing the way to doing group work, to being the visionary of your life, to reaching people on a large scale.

By releasing what is not truly aligned

you signal your readiness to receive Soul fam connections.

A hope, dream, or wish may be fulfilled.

β™‹ Cancer Sun / Moon / Rising

Completion, culmination, manifestation in the realm of Work

Not just jobs… but your true Life’s Work.

Clearing the way to greater Success, Recognition, Achievement.

Seeds you planted in the past are blossoming here.

You may be called to release or let go of something.

Fortune favours the Bold.

Trust that this release opens the path to your Legacy.

β™ŒοΈ Leo Sun / Moon / Rising

Powerful rebirth of personal Truth + Faith.

Ending, culmination, manifestation in terms of teaching / study.

This release opens up greater optimism & sense of adventure.

End of a cycle of belief systems and education.

Yet this ending is just the beginning.

This path leads to greater impact as a teacher or author.

& even international travel!

♍️ Virgo Sun / Moon / Rising

One of your most transformative Full Moons of the year.

Death / Rebirth of the highest order.

Facing shadow themes of manipulation, jealousy, unhealthy dynamics.

Transformation of debt, finance, business, intimacy.

What is unveiled is your true indestructible power.

What awaits is deeper intimacy, vulnerability, Self-Mastery.

β™ŽοΈ Libra Sun / Moon / Rising

Relationships, partnerships, team-work, cooperation.

Rebalancing of Power. Give & Take. Reciprocity.

Get clear on your boundaries. Communicate with precision.

End of a cycle in partnerships, 1-on-1 work, and collaboration.

How do you desire to feel in connection with others?

What do you desire to receive? Have you asked for it?

Honour your Truth.

♏️ Scorpio Sun / Moon / Rising

Powerful release in the realm of day-to-day structure.

Rituals, routines, healthy habits. Wellness.

This Full Moon helps you release unhelpful patterns.

Adjustments in your daily life.. Shifts that serve you.

It’s about radiance, vibrancy, vitality.

Revolutionize your relationship to “productivity”

Support yourself with nourishing structure.

♐️ Sagittarius Sun / Moon / Rising

Creative Self-Expression.

Shedding in order to shine more of your light.

Rebirth of Play, Fun, and even hobbies!

Inner Child reclamation. A burst of passion.

The end of a cycle in dating, flirtation, courtship.

The end or manifestation of a creative project.

Renewal of your creative life force energy.

β™‘ Capricorn Sun / Moon / Rising

Family. Home. Divine Mother. Lineage. Real estate.

A powerful reclamation. A profound release.

Intergenerational healing reaching a new level.

Ask for the support of your Ancestors. They are with you.

Your transformation reverberates along the family line.

Healing Past, Present & Future. Womb healing.

Unearthing new levels of Emotional Safety.

β™’ Aquarius Sun / Moon / Rising

Communication rebrand. Rebirth of your Message.

Revolution of how you approach social media.

Balance “No fucks given” w/ artful, considerate communication.

You are here to share a very unique point of view.

Let the flames of transformation clear the way.

Place boundaries to protect your energy.

β™“ Pisces Sun / Moon / Rising
Self-Worth, wealth, embodiment + material possessions.

Powerful ending of a cycle in these realms.

Profound release of unhelpful stories about Self and money.

Re-write your wealth story. Make it your legacy.

Embody the wealthiest version of you.

Clear what doesn’t align with what you truly desire.

Release hoarding, scarcity, limiting beliefs.

This helps you set deep roots of security.

What we find after this cleansing is the healthiest expressions of masculine and warrior energy. 

Shout out to all those fighting for peace rather than power over others.

Shout out to all those learning to speak truth, set boundaries, & trust desire.

Shout out to all those doing the work of inner union,

to all those doing re-parenting work,

to all those learning to fill their own cup and giving to others from generous overflow.

What a gift to have this clearing before eclipse season.

The world is changing. And we are part of it, able to influence evolution, direct growth, to embody & stand for a New Earth.

We are gaining clarity on our true Needs vs short term gratification.

Through healing our Inner Warrior, we awaken deeper levels of our Inner Lover & Artist.

This is on the most individual levels, yet it ripples out into the collective.

We need this, we deserve this, we are ready for this.

Shout out to the women of Iran and those who stand with them. You are my inspiration and expanders at this Full Moon. Much love from your Pakistani sister here in Canada.

Big shifts, familia… Are you down to warrior up?

πŸ’Ž For the protection of Mother Earth & the divine feminine?

πŸ’Ž For the world you want to live in?

πŸ’Ž For the life your soul is longing for?

πŸ’Ž For the relationships your heart aches for?

Let me know in the comments.


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