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Mars has stationed retrograde, loves.

The planet of action, boundaries, risk, courage, lust.

In the intellectual & brilliant realms of Gemini.

The Warrior archetype is slowing down for a period of reflection & re-evaluation on why we do what we do… and the belief systems that underlie these actions.

Mars rules Drive and Motivation.

During retrograde cycles, we literally feel more tired and heavy… like our normal actions and movements require more effort. A sensation of hiking uphill.

There is more resistance to taking action right now… And as frustrating as that may be at times, it is necessary for the retrograde lessons we can learn right now.

We don’t actually want to move forward if we are not moving in the right direction for our Soul.

It doesn’t actually serve us to keep on keeping on if we are just on auto-pilot, taking action without true meaning, purpose, and alignment.

We are not machines,

and this is an organic process that serves our Highest good.

Although certain actions are kind of required to function in our 3D reality,

The real treasure will be found through reflecting on our true motivations behind why we have created the life we live and what drives our actions.

We will learn a lot about what is truly necessary, and what is truly worth stepping up for with healthy discipline and consistency.

Mars rules Boundaries.

There will be major lessons and initiations when it comes to boundaries during this cycle, and specifically with communicating them to others (Mars in Gemini).

Across the board, our Boundaries will be re-evaluated,

re-written, and re-defined during this time.

Mars rules Anger.

In Gemini, we tend to express anger through words… knowing the exact things to say to slice the other person.

Another shadow could be over-intellectualizing and rationalizing anger rather than actually FEELING it and allowing it to move through the body.

Anger is our teacher at this time. Pay attention and be willing to see it from a new perspective.

With Gemini being a sign of communication, messaging, and media,

I see a big wave of entrepreneurs re-evaluating why and how we engage with social media platforms and content creation.

This is a very important period of reflection that will ultimately invite us into greater integrity, creativity, and clarity in our leadership.

We are literally not motivated by the same things we once were… and that in itself holds breakthroughs for us.

Gemini is a very curious sign that recognizes the multiple truths and dual nature of our existence.

Approaching the Mars themes (action, anger, boundaries, drive, motivation) with CURIOSITY will create spaciousness around our patterns…

What is not aligned, will dissolve.

What is important, will make itself apparent.

Take it easy, loves. There is no rush.

The Warrior needs this period of Sacred Rest.

🗝️ Extra credit?

Locate 8 – 25 degrees Gemini on your chart. This is the journey Mars will take as it retrogrades. The houses activated by the transit will indicate areas where you will be re-evaluating what motivates and drives you and how you take action and set boundaries.

For me, it’s my 11th house of groups, community, and internet. LOL

Anyone who has been paying attention to my journey can probably see it so clearly.

My relationship to social media is transforming, beautifully initiating me into leading my upcoming live program, Sacred Social Media.

The quality of what I am teaching has deepened as I become even more ruthlessly authentic with my expression online and the way I engage with my platforms.

🗝️ Not sure what the houses mean? Download my free Astrology guide to read my interpretations of all 12 houses (plus a whole bunch of other stuff)

❤️ Those who are Mars ruled will feel this even more powerfully + viscerally in their bodies. That means people with Aries or Scorpio rising.

My Astrology guide can serve as a cross reference as you explore your own chart.

These are advanced topics, so don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t all land. It’s an exploration and a way to increase intimacy with your chart… and the cosmos.

(I teach this in depth in my program Cosmic Success Codes btw)

So much love!

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