The Wound, the Way⁣

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I remember when I believed I had to be un-flawed, perfect, “complete” before having the audacity to take up any space.⁣

I believed I had to “Healed” before being seen as worthy, or seen at all.⁣

I believed I was bad, broken, messy.⁣

I was drowning in shame.⁣

Before my biz launch I felt like I was incubating, that every single part of my business, marketing, content etc had to be perfect BEFORE I launched. ⁣

The funny thing is, most of what I made never saw the light of day.⁣

Because once we start DOING, the thing we are doing BECOMES.⁣

Our businesses, art, etc. are energetic beings. They blossom in their own divine time. They have chosen us to actualize them. They communicate with us via our Soul Desire.

So why let perfectionism paralyze?⁣

Why do we feel like we are the only imperfect ones? ⁣

And when have we ever truly been inspired by someone who was without flaw or struggle?⁣

We tend to be inspired by courage, vulnerability & transformation.⁣

We are inspired by the real, raw, authentic.⁣

We are inspired by the journey, the ups and downs, the lessons learned along the way.⁣

WHAT IF our darkest shadows add depth to the masterpiece of our lives?⁣

I wanted to edit the past away.⁣

I wanted to hide + censor. The past felt shameful & wrong. I wished it away, I buried the energy. Shame operated from my unconscious, expressing as toxic behaviours.⁣

Astrology helped me see that even my darkest shadows had a purpose in my greater story all along.⁣

We each have a special, profound understanding of our own pain.⁣

This makes our experience VALUABLE AF as we are able to share our insights & healing journey with others.⁣

We take this for granted because of the weight of shame. ⁣

When we wish the past away, we become blind to the healing gift that grew in the darkness.⁣

Maybe, just maybe, the greater purpose was to own the gift, in order to make an impact with our unique story + message.⁣

The past is the past. ⁣

What will you choose to do with the energy? ⁣


Art by @thechiefrat

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