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Ooooof… that retrograde season was a doozy, hey?

Who are you now, love?

What did life invite you to let go of?

What tower was meant to crumble down?

Uranus is the modern co-ruler of Aquarius, the sign associated with The Star card in tarot. The Hope that comes after the Tower has crumbled.

Uranus, the planet of disruption, revolution and surprise, had been retrograde since August 24, 2022.

Uranus is an unpredictable planet. So when retrograde, it’s not as disruptive as we tend to experience with Mercury Rx, which directly relates to communication and transportation.

In fact, we might have felt a bit stalled or as if the brakes are on when it comes to making big changes.

Retrograde periods are times of energy going inward. Rather than external revolutions and innovations like Uranus normally heralds, we went through an inner Revolution that ultimately brought us closer to our Vision.

In the case of Uranus, the retrograde cycle is more peaceful than the direct cycle.

Now direct at 14 degrees of Taurus, revolutionary Uranus is about to shake things up on a massive scale.

We had our downtime, major internal shifts occurred through this retrograde season.

Now with ALL planets currently direct and the Great Awakener back in action,

We are about to undergo a major values transformation and redistribution of wealth in the collective.

Taurus rules material security, survival, stability, the 5 earthly senses, and embodiment. Uranus has been revolutionizing these themes since 2018 and continues until 2026.

The last time Uranus was in Taurus was 1935 – 1942… a time that coincides with the Great Depression.

Resources, supply chains, banking, and the future of money are all coming into question.

Markets are extra volatile and it does feel vulnerable.

With the North Node still in Taurus we see Spirit nudging us to become more self sufficient, grow our own food, fix things rather than buy new ones, and put down roots to weather any storm that might come.

Uranus rules the internet and technology.

One of the major differences between this cycle and the previous one during the Great Depression…

Is that we be making bank via online business.

People of all classes, ethnicities, backgrounds, privilege levels are opening up to massive wealth via online business.

We are donating tens of thousands, creating jobs even in this unstable economy, and changing the world with our work.

Pretty frickin cool in my opinion.

Another difference is the potential of cryptocurrency to revolutionize finance in the same way the internet changed the world.

Uranus is transiting my 10th house on my birth chart, the house of career, fame, success, and legacy.

I saw this transit begin in 2018. I was clearly going to have instability in my work… yet an online business involving astrology (also a Uranus theme) was well aspected…

So I went for it. And here we are.

With this transit spending years in a certain area of our chart (and therefore an area of our life) we can expect revolution and rather than resist change, we can ride the wave to greater aspects of our Destiny.

You can look at where Taurus lands on your birth chart, and use my free Astrology guide to help you de-code the houses. I also teach this in depth in my signature Astrology for business program, Cosmic Success Codes.

Uranus brings disruption, but also freedom.

Uranus brings shocks, but also shockingly brilliant ideas.

The area of life where Uranus has been transiting (wherever Taurus lands on your chart) is the area that is destined to be revolutionized from 2018 – 2026.

However uncomfortable, these changes will be for the highest good, in who they help you to become, and how they help you to evolve.

Specifically related to money and the body (Taurus ruled themes), you may find your values, relationship with money, and financial reality transforming.

You can direct this change by staying connected to the greater Vision you have for life. (Uranus is a co-ruler of Aquarius, the visionary)

With all planets currently direct, there is a greater return on investment for our actions.

Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn continue to excavate layers of conditioning around what success means to us, and who it is for, and how we create it in the new world.

Jupiter in Aries lets us know that fortune favours the bold… it’s time to take a risk and take action towards what we desire, as well as get clear on boundaries and what we don’t want.

Building from the New Moon in Aquarius to the quarter moon in Taurus, what we build will stand the test of time.

Saturn conjunct Venus in Aquarius tells us we are investing for the long term vision of our life.

Mars in Gemini is ready to take action on ideas that stimulate, and approach life with a light hearted curiosity.

The Cosmos are ready to receive your Vision.

To drink in your Desire and enter the dance of creation with you.

To amplify your aligned actions with miraculous opportunities.

To actualize the New Earth through you, me, and all of this collective tapestry.

It won’t come through wishing, waiting, “figuring it out” or being perfectly ready.

It comes through messy action, trial and error, learning from every mistake, and being willing to fail our way to success.

The Cosmos are dancing forward,

Are you coming with?

Life in this 3D reality be wild. Injustices and imbalances seem to exist all over the damn place.

And although the higher reality is love and unity,
we didn’t incarnate here to simply bypass these experiences.

The New Earth won’t just appear at our feet.
We are the ones who will build it.

And the more empowered we are on our individual paths, the more we are equipped and resourced to make change on greater scales.

This is the time loves.

To choose yourself and your Destiny.

To bet on yourself and your Vision.

To dance with the Cosmos and realize that intelligence is working behind the scenes, and it wants to support your highest becoming.

May these messages serve you, empower you, inspire you, activate you on your unique path. Because you are the only one who can walk it… and because you are needed in this vast collective tapestry we are all a part of.

⚡️ What aligned action are you ready to take in conjunction with the direct motion of the planets?

⚡️ What dream are you ready to decide + declare?

⚡️ What vision is calling you to step up?

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