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Hello, divine First name / soul,

The planet of the mind,
in the oceanic depths of Piscean love.

From March 2nd through 19th, Mercury, planet of thought & communication, is expressing through the dreamlike ethereal frequency of Pisces.

This transit opens our minds beyond the logical and linear, into the infinite possibility of the quantum and anything else we could possibly imagine.

Mercury rules perception.

In the transcendental and mystic realms of Pisces, the doors of perception open into psychedelic realms.

We look upon our lives outside of the accepted confines of time and space.

We are gaining more of a sense of the inherently miraculous nature of reality.

Thoughts and beliefs that once seemed fixed are now malleable.

Perceived limitations begin to shift, dissolve, and transform into magical thinking.

(This is aligning with the current “Delusional” trend LOL which to be honest is pretty aligned during this transit)

Pisces rules music, sound, and vibration.

With Mercury in Pisces, we awaken our awareness as vibrational beings.

We become one with music and dance. We express in poetics and melodies.

Flow state is more available to us, especially when it comes to external expression through song and speech.

Pisces is the mystic and healer.

Those of us who share our work with others will find we drop in to flow state when it comes to our transmissions.

We are transcending the mind into higher perceptions and realizations, even epiphanies, and a feeling of unity consciousness with all that is.

Pisces shadows include delusion, deception, and rose-coloured glasses.

With Mercury here we can feel mentally cloudy and unsure. Just make sure not to downward spiral into the illusion of “I don’t know”.

Meditation will support us to come back to center and clarity.

Visualization helps us influence the world of form through commanding the quantum.

Pisces rules forgiveness & compassion.

With Mercury here, it’s a gentle reminder to speak with love and compassion.

To others, and ourselves.

Forgiveness vibrates on a very high frequency. What are you ready to lovingly release?

Writing a forgiveness letter can be very powerful during this transit.

Pisces rules imagination,

Mercury is the mind.

Daydreaming is medicinal for us right now.

Allow your mind to rest and relax; this opens you to receive wisdom beyond what your mind could have come up with.

To be a vessel for the perfection of the cosmos.

This transit dissolves limiting beliefs, opens us up to divine creativity, and washes over past resentments with the magical balm of forgiveness.

Inviting us to complete old cycles, in perfection preparation for the new Astrological year!!!

On March 7/8, Saturn will join Mercury in Pisces as well.

Saturn is structured, concerned with the world of form, and is about building legacy with purpose.

Pisces is shifting, magical, mystical, and beyond logic.

This will initiate a 2.5 year cycle of bringing form to our ethereal dream visions,

stepping up and organizing together in order to see what we are truly capable of.

This is a fated step in the journey of bridge building into the Age of Aquarius.

πŸ’Ž Are you in, bb?

If you feel resonant with this message and the potential of this upcoming cycle,

I invite you to join us for the Saturn in Pisces masterclass on March 8 @ 12pm EST.

The replay will be available if you can’t join live.

In this live masterclass experience, I will teach you to work with Saturn and YOUR unique birth chart, and there will be a special portion dedicated to those who are beginning their Saturn return.

(Those with natal Saturn in Pisces on their chart)

For each of us, even if we are not in our return, Saturn is activating a specific area of life. This is the greatest opportunity to level up, as Saturn forges us into who we need to be to step up to the next phase of our Destiny.

This is the deep deep work.

If you feel the call towards it, join us.

So much love,

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