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Ayesha's vision is New Paradigm conscious business, financial freedom, and liberation for all creators, so we can thrive, explore our Potential, own our Power and stand in our Purpose, each of us co-creating a beautiful & ethical world with our Soul work.

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Taurus is stable, sensual, solid.

Associated with the Empress, this Venus ruled sign is abundance embodied.

Relaxed yet competent AF.

Gracefully mastering responsibility,

while creating a luscious reality overflowing with beauty and abundance.

Unshakeable self worth.

This Taurus season is energetically popping off.

Mercury is still retrograding in the sign of Taurus,

a powerful opportunity to re-write beliefs we have about the Taurus themes of self worth, material security, and experiencing life as a child of Gaia.

Mercury stations direct May 14, and we are out of the shadow by May 21.

The North Node of Destiny is still in Taurus until July of this year.

This is Spirit’s indication that we will gain the most evolution & growth through cultivating the highest expression of Taurean qualities.

Stacking cash. Putting down roots. Slowing down. Building. Stabilizing. Luxuriating in the treasures of Gaia. Coming home to Mother Earth and caring for her, and our bodies.

And Uranus’ game-changing and earth-shaking transit through Taurus is still active until 2026.

Uranus is the sacred rebel, the revolutionary, the visionary, the disruptor, the awakener.

In the sign of Taurus, wealth and systems of money are being revolutionized and disrupted… We are awakening to new possibilities of wealth that are absolutely vital to the New Earth.

When it comes to our businesses,

this season invites us to slow all the way down and descend into the body.

With Merc Rx & Uranus here, things are changing in the way we relate with and create money.

What if your body was your guide?

How does it FEEL to engage in the various aspects of your business?

& how has your self-worth impacted your choices, investments, risks, actions, & standards in biz?

If things feel forced, rushed, contracted… It’s very important to honour this somatic insight.

If you are going too fast, you may miss important communion from your Soul, Body, or Heart. This pops us out of the miraculous new paradigm of business that we are birthing.

Business gets to feel luscious even as we steadily build, step up to responsibility, and take inspired action.

Taurus knows how to get it done.

And how to relax, receive, and celebrate the gift of this life.

If money has been feeling messy, slippery, absent…

It’s time to get REAL about how you attract, receive, save, invest, and manage your wealth.

It’s time to set up structures that honour and respect all forms of energetic currency (Attention, time, and money).

It’s time to learn to grow your wealth, to have a thriving healthy eco system, from cash flow to savings to investing to assets to multiplying your wealth.

Tidying up your finances, getting intimate with your incoming & outgoing, focusing on creating monthly recurring revenue, increasing sales, investing to expand.

This work will pay you back dividends for the rest of your life.

πŸ₯³ Happy birthday to the Taurus bbs out there!!!!


– Ayesha

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