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The new moon at 23Β° Leo is exact:

August 16 @ 2:37am PT / 5:37am ET / 10:37am BST / 3:07pm IST / 7:37pm AEST

Leo is the Sovereign.. The King, Queen.
The Divine Child of the Universe.

Leo is ruled by the Sun. The luminary of blazing power, radiance, that gives off enough heat and light to foster life on our planet.

When the Sun (ruler of Leo) is met exactly by the Moon during a New Moon, we spark and initiate new cycles of pure Creation.

After Lion’s Gate which also holds symbolism around the Underworld journey of Inanna… we have all risen back to the light after excavating the shadowy depths.

We have faced the Darkness…
πŸ‘‘ Now what will you Create in, for, and with the Light?

In loose conjunction with Venus Rx, it is a powerful moment to reflect on what this retrograde cycle has brought up for you. (Check my Venus Rx post; there’s also a masterclass)

πŸŒ‘Β New Moon in Leo HoroscopesΒ πŸŒ‘

β™ˆοΈ Aries Sun / Moon / Rising

An exciting fresh start in courageous, creative Self-expression.

The vibe is fiesty, flirtatious, playful.

Amazing time to begin a creative project.

New cycle when it comes to dating, courtship, fun itself.

Who are you as an Artist? Who are you as a child of the Divine?

How would you shine your light if you truly gave no fucks?

Luckily, you are an Aries, so you know how you blaze your light!

♉️ Taurus Sun / Moon / Rising

Sweet new beginning in the realm of Home, Family, Safety.

The Uranus energy may bring some disruption in this realm.

Yet ultimately this is a new cycle of greater fulfillment.

Amazing time to heal mother & family wounds.

Where do you want to set your roots down?

How do you want it to feel?

Let the passionate Leo energy warm your heart.

β™Š Gemini Sun / Moon / Rising

Bold fresh start in communication, marketing, social media.

Are you due for a social media rebrand / refresh?

How can you bring more of YOU into it?

How can expressing your message be more FUN?

This energy is colourful, vibrant, playful.

Your platforms are YOUR space!

Fully inhabit your platforms with your unique essence.

β™‹ Cancer Sun / Moon / Rising

An awakening of next level Self-Worth AND wealth!

Let the New Moon Leo energy awaken the Diva within.

You are deserving of the luxury you desire.

Put down deep roots of your innate worthiness.

Amazing time to initiate new income streams.

Call in the prosperity that you desire.

Yet separate your income from your sense of Self-Worth.

β™ŒοΈ Leo Sun / Moon / Rising

Hellllooo, Diva! This is your time, rockstar.

A sparkling fresh new cycle of shining your light in this world.

You have been on a deep inner journey. Welcome to the GLOW UP!

Your outer appearance shifts to express your inner growth.

You deserve to Be, Do and Have what your Soul desires.

Awaken to your Beauty. Adorn your temple.

Radiance. Essence Expression. Courage.

New boundaries that protect all you have grown into.

♍️ Virgo Sun / Moon / Rising

Planting seeds in the deepest spiritual realms of your being.

Tap into the Highest Expression of your Self.

What beliefs does this version of you hold?

What do they believe about the world? About themselves?

This is a shattering of unhelpful stories that don’t serve your Purpose.

What do you want to plant instead?

This is spiritual, transcendent, and quantum.

Feel in order to heal. Meditation, music, prayer.

β™ŽοΈ Libra Sun / Moon / Rising

This New Moon is about calling in your Soul fam.

Those who inspire your next level and share your values.

This may also be a call to step into Leadership.

What is your future Vision?

Who do you desire to be surrounded by?

Networking. Innovation. Technology. Internet.

You are here to pioneer a new way.

Play big and bet on yourself.

♏️ Scorpio Sun / Moon / Rising

Boss energy, ACTIVATE!

This is a deepening and cultivation of your CEO archetype.

What is the Legacy your Soul desires to create?

What are you truly responsible for? What is your Soul Work?

Fresh start in career, life’s work and even Fame.

Not sure about your Purpose? Call it in with the New Moon!

Disruption and change in this realm will ultimately align you with your next level.

♐️ Sagittarius Sun / Moon / Rising

A bold + exciting new beginning in Faith, Learning, Philosophy,.

Stepping up into higher learning or mentorship.

Overflowing your deep knowledge : Be the Teacher.

There may be a reset of your Belief Systems.

Rebirth of optimism.

Believe in the greatness of your path.

Travel. Adventure. Expansion.

β™‘ Capricorn Sun / Moon / Rising

This New Moon is deep, heated, intense, powerful.

The first spark of powerful, permanent transformation.

Die to past versions of yourself.

You will be surprised by what emerges from the flames.

This creates deeper intimacy, more resilience, and personal power.

A new start in business, finance, loans, intimacy.

Shadow-work awakens your life-force energy.

Kundalini awakening, anyone??

β™’ Aquarius Sun / Moon / Rising

A new beginning in partnership, compromise, 1-to-1 client work.

Shake-ups in this realm have important lessons for you.

Soften into playful partnership. Open up. It gets to be fun.

Find the flirtatious, crush energy, even in long-term relationships.

And / or date and romance yourself!

For my biz owners, this is an amazing time to call in collaborations,

partnerships, team-members and 1-to-1 clients.

β™“ Pisces Sun / Moon / Rising

It’s time to plant the seeds of next-level healthy habits.

Create a solid foundation of health to build your future upon.

Revolutionize your day-to-day.

Awaken to where you may be holding back your health.

Identity shift into the most vibrant version of yourself.

This isn’t about distortioned restriction or judgement.

It’s about radiance. Vibrancy. Aliveness.

You deserve it.

This New Moon asks us what new cycle we are now choosing to create.

The astrology is exciting, action oriented, and potentially disruptive as this new cycle calls for a shakeup in our lives.

This is about living our passions,
Trusting the bigness of our desires,
Expressing the full radiance of our essence,
Seeing life as a masterpiece and ourself as the artist,
Standing tall as the King / Queen of our lives.

& re-coding old patterns around dimming our light, or acting from a place of trying to be liked / accepted / validated.

This is a new cycle of Joy, Fun, Passion,
This is Main Character Energy,
This is healthy, thriving Sense of Self.

Play BIG and bet on yourself.

πŸ‘‘ What are you calling in at this New Moon?

πŸ‘‘ Tap into the version of you who already IS / HAS / DOES what you desire… How do they carry themselves? What are their standards and boundaries? What inspired actions do they take? What are they invested in?

πŸ‘‘ How will you actively step into this TODAY?

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