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The full moon at 6° Aries is exact:

September 29 @ 2:57am PT / 5:57am ET / 10:57am BST / 3:27pm IST / 7:57pm AET

A breakthrough into power.

Clearing, purging, and rebirth of the Warrior archetype.

A reclamation of healthy expressions of desire, power, and will.

An awakening of courage.

We are rising collectively into personal expressions of HONOUR + GLORY.

We are gaining clarity on what is worth standing for, what is worth fighting for, and what is worth pursuing with our full radiant hearts.

What is manifesting in your life now is a reflection of your past actions, boundaries, and decisiveness (or lack thereof)

We are being called to rebirth our relationship to ACTION.

The actions that ripple magic out into the field of all creation.

The actions that are actually commands, clearly communicating to the Universe who we are and what we are now ready to Be, Do, Have, Receive.

The actions that are grounded in the heart, in healthy expressions of power, and authenticity.

With the North Node of Destiny in Aries, what we release and claim now aligns us to greater Destiny… a path of miracles you will have to step upon to truly know. Words can’t describe it.

❤️‍🔥 Are you willing to bet on yourself?

❤️‍🔥 Are you willing to double down on what truly matters?

❤️‍🔥 Are you willing to take bold action towards more of what you desire to experience, be and receive?

🌕 Full Moon in Aries Mini-scopes 🌕

With this Full Moon, you are powerfully clearing, boldly transforming and rebirthing into higher expressions of :::

♈️ Aries Sun / Moon / Rising

Identity. Appearance. Your emanation. Body. Courage.

♉️ Taurus Sun / Moon / Rising

Subconscious. Self-sabotage. Spiritual path. Music. Prayer.

♊ Gemini Sun / Moon / Rising

Friendships. Networking. Community. Technology. Social media.

♋️ Cancer Sun / Moon / Rising

Success. Legacy. Life’s work. Fame. Recognition. Career path.

♌️ Leo Sun / Moon / Rising

Travel. Teaching. Learning. Publishing. Author. Philosophy.

♍️ Virgo Sun / Moon / Rising

Wealth. Intimacy. Power. Debt. Loans. Inheritance.

♎️ Libra Sun / Moon / Rising

Partnership. Marriage. Collaboration. Relationship. Reciprocity.

♏️ Scorpio Sun / Moon / Rising

Health. Vitality. Ritual. Routine. Structure. Organization.

♐️ Sagittarius Sun / Moon / Rising

Creativity. Art. Dating. Fun. Play. Joy. Self expression.

♑ Capricorn Sun / Moon / Rising

Home. Family. Roots. Lineage. Ancestry. Womb. Real estate.

♒ Aquarius Sun / Moon / Rising

Communication. Content creation. Local community. Platforms.

♓ Pisces Sun / Moon / Rising

Financial stability. Security. Self worth. Embodiment. Pleasure.

Full Moon in Aries Activities ::
❤️‍🔥 Rage dance to an angsty song from your teen years
❤️‍🔥 Write the letter you need to get out… and burn it (safely)
❤️‍🔥 Sports or an intense workout
❤️‍🔥 Scream lol into the void or a pillow
❤️‍🔥 Get turned on by your life, your self, and your desires

Alchemizing pent up anger / rage / past disappointments with the masculine is key to this process.

The masculine is not just men around us… The masculine is within us. Our inner king, protector, and provider.

Regardless of our own gender or identifications,

We each have an Honourable Warrior within us whose purpose is to help us move courageously toward what we desire, and to defend us from what might harm us.

Due to unsafe imprinting with the toxic / traumatized / imbalanced masculine, this is something that needs to be healed and recoded within the collective.

Life changing actions are sabotaged with hesitancy, fear, and doubt.

Boundaries are weak, clarity is confused, will is drowned.

The North Node of Destiny and Chiron (the wounded healer archetype) are both also in Aries right now.

This shift is Destined for us in this exact moment.

Even if we have been profoundly hurt by the masculine in any way, shape, or form,

it is important to hold the hope + vision (Age of Aquarius, hello) of healed masculine energy.

This is needed as we enter into the New Earth.

This means standards of Honour so pure that it actually transforms and inspires others.

This means boundaries against toxicity, and actually holding those boundaries and standards… Warrior style.

It means taking decisive and empowered action towards what we want, not flaccidly waiting around or giving excuses.

It means moving forward with healthy power, without ever dominating or oppressing others.

It means our personal victories, in our own lanes, in our own definitions of success, glory, and happiness.

This is the portal to transmute these painful energies into pure POWER + POTENTIAL for creation that actually honours life.

The Kings are rising bbs.

Within us and all around us.

It’s an easy cop-out to focus on all the reasons why that may not be true or why we can’t get what we want.

But the New Paradigm just called and told me to tell you,

It’s time to Warrior Up.

You ready?

With all my love, from Egypt,


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