Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

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Energy has been building towards this.

This point of climax and culmination.

A gateway into new realities with wealth, worth, the body, and the Earth.

The fourth eclipse in Taurus since 2021,

and the final eclipse in Taurus until 2031.

Oct 28 @ 1:23pm PT / 4:23pm ET / 9:23pm BST

Oct 29 @ 1:53am IST / 7:23am AEST

at 5 degrees of Taurus.

The full moon lunar eclipse is helping us unlock greater levels wealth for the individual and our communities,

and transform what money & resource mean in the collective.

This is how we will access more and more resources for the creation of the New Earth.

A revolution of Wealth is occurring, and we are being activated to create, receive, and experience Richness on ALL levels, and in ALL areas of life.

In ways that overflow to and nourish the world around us and the Earth herself.

We are no longer trading time and labour for money as in the old paradigm.

Wealth is evolving along with our consciousness.

We are reclaiming the birth right of Abundance as children of Gaia.

The North Node of Future Destiny transited through Taurus from January 19, 2022 July 17, 2023.

We were called to cultivate and develop the healthiest expressions of Taurus themes, in order to serve the destined evolution of consciousness.

And although the North Node shifted into divine warrior Aries on July 17 (Check my IG posts and masterclass on that)

This eclipse marks the collectives graduation from the Taurus nodal cycle, & doorway to a new Wealth reality.

For the past two years the collective has been transforming our relationship to :

Security, financial stability, self-worth, embodiment, luxury, pleasure, nervous system regulation, the Earth, and wealth.

Debt, joint resources, power dynamics, & new understanding of currency, resource, and energy exchange.

We are powerfully + irrevocably completing this cycle and unlocking new levels of wealth with the October 28 lunar eclipse.

However it has been for you with wealth, worth, the body, and the Earth herself,

this Eclipse portal promises transformation.

No matter how stuck we may have felt, no matter how many failed attempts at transformation we have experienced, change is here.

It is Promised.

It is Generative.

It is Activating.

It is Healing.


& theres no going back.

As the world shakes,

Taurus shows us how to remain the stable eye in the storm, like a Mountain that remains grounded no matter what is happening around it.

Back into simplicity and peace,

back down to Earth.

With stability & abundance on all levels,

With regulated nervous systems,

With connection to pleasure,

With appreciation for beauty,

With steadfast determination,

With calm & rooted leadership,

We will rise into the New Earth.

This full moon eclipse is a breakthrough into a new reality with Wealth, Worth, the Body, and the Earth.

A breakthrough into peace, prosperity, and power.

As the world shakes with unprocessed trauma, grief, hatred, judgement, distorted uses of power and corrupted resource distribution,

This eclipse brings ripples of transformation throughout the collective.

Illumination and transmutation of blocks to claiming the birthright that is abundance.

To fully claiming the life and experiences we desire.

An activation of steadfastness and peacefully rooted power that will not be fucked with.

 Do you feel it my loves? The energy has been rising to this point and the pressure will release.

 Are you ready to release what has held you back from the highest expressions of Taurus energy : wealth, elegance, simplicity, nervous system regulation, groundedness, and feelings of security + stability

 What are you ready to release when it comes to self worth & your current wealth mindset / experience?

 How would your life change if you remained calmly rooted no matter what was occurring in the world, knowing you are profoundly supported and always have more than enough?

Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius placements will be impacted the strongest.

But the transformation is so significant for us all, that we will truly never be the same after this.


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