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Hi love,

The New Moon in Scorpio was exact Nov 13 @ 1:27am PT / 4:27am ET / 9:27am GMT / 2:57pm IST / 8:27pm AEST

A New Moon in the sign of Death.

New manifestations that require the gutting release of what is not meant to come with us in the next phase of life.

Your new life will cost you your old one.

The Tower must fall and crumble,
so that the Star can rise.

In the wreckage of who we thought we were,
we find our true Power, true Essence,
and true Path forward.

The New Moon is conjunct to Mars, and opposite Uranus.
This is inherently unstable & volatile.

But within the apparent chaos, we find magic.

Uranus, the Sacred Rebel activates the collective into revolutionary thought and action.

Scorpio promises the changes are profound and even permanent. We won’t be going back after this.

Uranus rules disruption, genius, & innovation

We are awakening to new solutions for even the oldest and most stuck problems.

Anything / anyone can be reborn.

Mars is the God of War.

As the ancient ruler of Scorpio, Mars is at home in the sign of intensity + transformation.

But this conjunction is not easeful.

Especially with opposition to Uranus.

Potential shadows include reckless behaviour, forceful assertiveness, domination, and even violence. Protestors be careful out there.

Everyone be careful and patient with one another.

Attacking others based on views does little to nothing to create the changes we desire to see.

(Especially online..)

With this level of intensity and harsh aspects,
we want what we want and we want it now.

At it’s core Scorpio is a sign of pure power.
It’s one of the most resilient signs, and most magnetic.

So let’s tap in to the deeper reservoirs of power in order to intentionally access + cultivate PATIENCE.

This will be our advantage at this time.
If we can cultivate this right now in a time of great chaos and instability,

we will be equipped to head into deeper and higher expressions of our Destiny,
and our unique place in the New Earth.

Scorpio is a master emotional alchemist.

So although the tension has risen, keeps building…
Scorpio rules the ultimate release.

As the sign of Death & “Intimate relating”,
Transmutation is guaranteed.

Whatever’s rising in you,
let it come, and let it go.

Change is the only guarantee in this life.
That and Death.

As morbid as it is,
The New Moon in Scorpio reminds us,
Death is not the End…
It’s a new Beginning.

If we are willing to do the shadow work,
to take a look at our own conditioning, our fears,
our own biases, our own distortions of power,

There is limitless potential
When we welcome our shadows home,
Come into integration,
and use all the pain as fuel for new Creation.

Is there an emotion you have been hiding from?
Something you have been avoiding feeling?

As the sign of taboos,
Scorpio invites us to go “There”…
To the place we have been shrinking from.

To gain the courage to look in the darkness,
at what we have not wanted to see.

As Scorpio rules Inheritance,
This is a major opportunity for us cycle breakers.

We are not just here to end toxic and painful cycles along our lineage / in the human family…

We are here to CREATE new cycles as well.

Cycles that are generative, that honour life and our ancestors and the Earth, in remembrance & reclamation of our true nature.

We are transforming into a new type of human,
(If you know, you know.)

And together we will make a new future,
that isn’t a repeat of the obsolete old paradigm,
but the fated creation of the New Earth.

For those who feel the call to work with me at this profoundly transformative time,

a time of limitless potential to Rebirth as higher expressions of Self, a time of reclamation of true and healthy expressions of Power + Wealth,

I invite you to work with me through to the New Year.

I am calling forward a select group of inspired Souls who feel called to deeper levels of their own Destiny path,

In devotion to magician level mastery while excelling in the world of business, wealth, and leadership.

If you feel it, let’s explore working together towards your vision for 2024 and beyond.

Email oath.oracle@gmail.com to explore.


As I began to type the IG caption, the words came thru so clearly…

“Walk thru the darkness without fear”.

We are being called to alchemise fear,
to find the transmutation available in each moment and interaction, to integrate shadow and become supernatural thru what we access there.

When it comes to manifestation,
I am not too fussed at this New Moon,

The energy is chaotic and volatile…
Imma let it do it’s thing.

I won’t be doing any formal manifestation rituals,
but I will journal on gratitude and amplify that energy.

I will allow emotions to move thru me as I anchor my own frequency in the abundance and sensation of all that I desire to receive.

I will allow my own death / rebirth, so that I can become a match to the timeline I am choosing,

And I will mourn those lost, I will pour one out for the fallen homies, I will honour the lives leaving this plane tonight and all days since Oct 7. 🕯️

It’s a somber time,
and rightfully so.

🖤 Are you allowing this transformation?

🖤 Or are you in resistance in some aspect?

🖤 What fear is asking to be faced, what emotion is asking to be felt?

🖤 What if beneath repressed emotions and aspects of Self, there was a profoundly deep reservoir of pure power and abundance? (Spoiler alert : There is)

🖤 What does power mean to you and how can we wield it in healthy ways? How are you relating to power and is it aligned to what you desire to experience in life? Is your power connected to your heart?

🖤 Are you ready to let go of past identities in order to rise as who you came here to Become?

Let me become a blank slate.

Let me shed the layers that accumulated when I was in survival mode.

Let me rise, naked and unprotected, knowing my dreams are bigger than my fears… and that darkness is afraid of Me.

Much love,

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