The Path of Prosperous Purpose

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Ayesha Durrani


Ayesha's vision is New Paradigm conscious business, financial freedom, and liberation for all creators, so we can thrive, explore our Potential, own our Power and stand in our Purpose, each of us co-creating a beautiful & ethical world with our Soul work.

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⁣Old obsolete business paradigms are crumbling away, as authentic leaders step up to serve, creating wild prosperity that overflows into the world around us.⁣

I recently celebrated my first six-figure quarter in Q3 2021. ⁣

I have shown myself that spectacular results are possible when we understand our Soul Map & take aligned action from the original blueprint of our potential.⁣

Through my penetrating knowledge of Astrology, I was able to navigate the online business space with a clear understanding of Who I am, How I am wired to create + express in this world, What my medicine is & When to do what.⁣

The results have been extraordinary…. From launching in March 2020 and generating $600, to my first 10k month in Sept 2020… To celebrating 40k in Sept 2021 and my first 100k quarter in Q3.⁣

I support my 1:1 clients with this knowledge & witness them again & again create their highest revenues in business.⁣

⁣It’s not only about creating revenue… ⁣⁣

✨ It’s about doing it in the most aligned + authentic way. ⁣

⁣✨ It’s about the fulfillment that comes with expressing our soul gifts.⁣ ⁣

✨ It’s about Purpose, Power, & Potential.⁣

✨ It’s about having the resources to become even more masterful at what we do.⁣

✨ It’s about contributing at higher levels.⁣

✨ It’s about ushering in a New Paradigm of business that creates positive change.⁣

✨ And it’s about having FUN. (Yes, even with marketing, sales, and social media!)⁣

If you desire to weave Astrology with money magnetism, marketing + high-level proven business strategy, I invite you to join my Astrology for business program, Cosmic Success Codes! 👑 💸✨⁣

⁣This is for coaches, healers, mystics.⁣

It will also serve product-based business owners.⁣

It would be AMAZING for Astrologers desiring to enter the business guidance space.⁣

It is my deep honour to share this work that has been so absolutely life-changing for me.⁣

This knowledge will not only empower you in business but in all areas of life, for the rest of your life.⁣

This is an organically evolving living library container meaning I will continue adding modules and Q&A sessions throughout 2022.

If this lights you up I hope to see you in there!


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This has been the hardest choice I've made in business. ⁣

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