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Hello, love.

Not only are we in Libra season (happy solar return to the Libra bbs out there!)

But Venus, the ruler of Libra, is in the romantic air sign as well, dancing her sacred geometry and feminine magnetism.

Sun in Libra dates :

September 22 – October 23

Venus in Libra dates :

September 29 – October 23

We are in a season of beauty, peace, prosperity, pleasure.

A season of balance, romance, & collaboration.

We are collectively attuned to & desiring beauty in our surroundings, peace in our relationships,

Prosperity overflowing in our bank accounts and lifestyles.

Biz owners : this is a season to focus on collaboration, contracts, artistic expression in our brand, & 1-on-1 client work.

This is a time of stunning aesthetics, artistry, romance, poetry, connection & sweet moments shared with others,

And finding even more of ourselves through the mirror of our relationships.

This is a time to romanticize life.

To be “dating ourselves” even if we are partnered.

To prioritize quality time and fun hangs with others.

A treat yo self season, inviting you to prioritize pleasure and beauty in all the ways

This is also a powerful time to get clear on your desires, boundaries, & non-negotiables in relationship.

Mercury Rx’ed through Libra back in September, exposing our relationship patterns & bringing up past romantic stories to be re-written.

This Mercury Rx had a lot of love lessons for us.

With Mercury now officially direct (in Virgo) and the sun and Venus in libra, it’s a new day of us when it comes to relationships.

(as long as we actually integrate the Mercury Rx lessons)

A time to level up your quality of life.

To adorn yourself like the work of art that you are.

To restore balance in your business, relationships, sense of self, bank account.

To explore beauty as an energy, a frequency, an ideal.

To romanticize the moment & fall in love with life, your partners, your self all over again.

But be aware of the shadows of people pleasing, co-dependency and superficiality.

We may tend to avoid confrontation in order to “keep the peace” but this would only be a surface peace that doesn’t truly honour all parties involved,

And actually robs us of the opportunity to get our needs met and deepen our relationships.

I love the impact this has on the collective (while being aware of the potential shadows)

This is a time to give OURSELVES permission (not waiting for the permission of others, that would be a shadow expression) to live the luscious lifestyle we truly desire.

To raise the bar in relationships, especially the one we have with ourselves.

To bask in beauty, sweet moments, passion within peace.

🌹 Some yum activities for this time :

  • Visiting art galleries,
  • taking pleasure trips,
  • taking yourself on a date (for me it’s reading for hours in an amazing restaurant),
    fun activities with friends,
  • self care and spa days.
  • Make a list of your qualities your ideal partner has…
    and then ask yourself if YOU embody these?

🌹 For the business babes :

  • Refine contracts,
  • level up 1-on-1 offerings,
  • hire a 1-on-1 support for yourself,
  • beautify your brand & share your artistry,
  • clarify your soul mate client,
  • collaborate with others,
  • dinner dates with biz besties.

I think it’s funny that I got this post out now, after the Sun has already been in Libra for a bit.

Libra rules my 3rd house. I have been learning to have more fun, be more present in my personal life.

I have been enjoying my new home, meeting people, going out, buying cute lil presents for myself, dating myself and just feeling god damn effervescent.

I am celebrating the permission I gave myself to post from desire 100%, which has been a revolution in my own people pleasing patterns.

There is defs a beauty in structured strategy and showing up to reach our goals.

But there must be room for ebb and flow,
for the sacred dance of balance,
for the artistry of soul led business.

My life feeling romantic AF right now and I hope yours is too ❤

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all the beautiful Libras out there. Y’all just sparkle.


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