Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

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Mercury Rx began on September 9th, stationing retrograde in the sign of Libra.

This initiated a cycle of reflection on past relationships, attachment styles, boundaries, communicating desires, healing people pleasing, and finding healthy interdependency with our loved ones.

This is a cosmic gift, setting the tone for more balanced and harmonious future relationships.

On September 23rd, Mercury Rx moved back in to the sign of Virgo, completing the relationship specific theme.

Now in Virgo, the task of re-examination lands on our wellness, health, daily routines, work flow, and the rituals that punctuate our lives.

As well as re-wiring patterns around perfectionism, judgement, and nit picking.

In a way it’s a focus on our relationship to Self, to our physical bodies, to our nourishment and vitality.

Mercury Rx invites us to re-examine and re-invent.

Take a look at your routines. The things you do day in and day out. The way you start and end your days.

For biz owners : The way you structure your schedule.

Does the frequency of your routines match up with what you desire to manifest in your life? What you desire to experience, receive, be, do, and have?

Are you craving a life of passion and connection,

yet grabbing your phone to numb out as soon as you wake up?

Are you craving overflowing wealth in all areas of life,

yet you do not make time for actions that increase your magnetism and personal power?

Are you craving to feel healthier & more energized,

yet you invest your time and energy into what dulls & drains you rather than what nourishes you?

Do you struggle falling / staying asleep, and frequently complain about being tired,

while refusing to take 10-20 mins before bed to wind down with a yummy tea and relaxing manifestation?

Do you feel creatively blocked,

yet you are consuming other peoples info all day long and not creating the environment for yourself to feel like a clear, open, grounded channel of your own brilliance?

Is your work week a whirlwind blur of seemingly unending tasks and never-enough-ness?

Does perfectionism paralyze you?

Did you start a business to experience freedom yet your days feel anything but?

Are you sick of the fucking hamster wheel???

Do you listen to the sacred voice of your body?

Mercury Rx in Virgo is an opportunity to re-shape your daily flow to support what you actually want.

And Virgo’s keen powers of analysis and commitment to grounded practical action help see opportunities to level up our day-to-day- and actually implement these changes and anchor them in.

Your routines and rituals are powerful tools to create a life of flow, fulfillment, & alignment to the life you desire.

The way you begin your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. This shifts the way you show up to your business, the creativity that channels through you, your magnetism to clients and sales…

This shifts your entire life.

As a sixth house stellium person with SN in Virgo & hella earth placements… lots of rebellious energy as well… my relationship with routines has been complicated.

I’ve oscillated from overly strict (laden with guilt, shame, and “should”ing on myself)… to total rebellion and saying fuck it all… until I realized I was downward spiralling LOL

Now my routines & rituals feel luxurious, potent, spacious, flexible. I feel supported by their structures yet I can change them at a drop of a hat if my body desires me to.

We all have unique codes. There is no “one size fits all”.

This cycle invites you to take an objective look at the way you structure your day, self care, work flow.

Refuse to be influenced by the diet industry, media messaging etc that makes these topics distorted with toxic energies.

Go WITHIN and listen to what your body is craving.

It may be more movement… it may be less movement!

It may be less carbs… it may be more carbs or different ones!

It may be meditation… or maybe it’s going for a morning walk.

It may be journaling one day, and mirror work the next.

Rather than feel like a chore or a burden,
it could feel like feeding your self on every level.

Body, mind, heart, spirit.

This is how you code & create yourself, this supports us in becoming who we came here to be.

I have a program coming up in January on morning routines that align with your unique birth chart. I am super excited about this as it is a huge passion of mine. Feel free to DM us to pre-enroll at an amazing price.

 Another option is Mystic Magnetism. My signature manifestation program where I teach how to code ourselves to become the magnets of our desires, and the rituals I use to manifest.

 & the Moon Manifestation masterclass! Dive deep into lunar manifestation and rituals that align with precise astrological keys.


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