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Welcome, divine soul.

The upcoming solar eclipse occurs October 25 :

3:48am PST / 6:48am EST / 11:48am GMT / 4:18pm IST / 9:48pm AEST

at 2 degrees of Scorpio.

This is a cosmic catalyst, a drastic new beginning in the Scorpionic themes of transformation, power, intimacy, shadow work, inheritance, and money.

This is a New Moon in the sign of the Death…

Occurring on the axis of the past life karma and future Destiny.

We will truly not be the same after this.

We are being called to surrender into our own Rebirth.

Leading into the eclipse, we are in the Dark moon phase.

A phase of emptying out.

Draining the residues of past chapters, past relationships, past versions of Self.

Clearing away the cobwebs of what was in order to create a sacred environment for the seeds of our next level.

The seeds of a New Earth.

The more deeply we allow this release process leading up to the Eclipse, the more we open to our true Destiny.

The more capacity we have to be with what is coming.

The Dark Moon leading into the eclipse is in the sign of Libra.

Within you is a profound wisdom. Within you are soul desires that are here to act as a compass as you navigate your journey.

Choose to be less influenced by a sick sad world.

Remember the inherent magic of life and know that you are not just in it, you are of it.

A dark moon in Scorpio season leading into an eclipse a few days before Samhain / Halloween? Lol, ok Spirit.

The veil is thin AF right now.

All information and potential exist in the quantum.

All creation sparks in the darkness of the Void.

Today, October 24 and leading up to the eclipse, I invite you to clear your mind of “should”s…. and create the space to BE.

To vibe in the light of your Soul. To be with your Body.

To ground into Nature. To feel. Dance. Cry. Pray.

To be a spiritual and energetic being having a human experience.

To marvel at the miracle of life in the NOW moment.

As you allow and be present with your process, emotions that are ready to be released may bubble up.

They may seem random but trust me, their release is vital to what you are moving in to after this eclipse.

You don’t need to understand it all. Some of it may not even be yours. Some may not be of this life time.

But you can release it just the same.

In the bath. Through your tears. With your dance.

Maybe you find a deep sorrow, a furious rage, a heartbreaking grief.

Can it all be beautiful? Can it all be sacred?

Choose to honour the Truth of what is revealing itself to you.

Scorpio rules, among other things, Death and Inheritance.

& if you are on my page I am willing to bet you are a cycle breaker of some kind.

If you have been carrying ancestral burden and the pain of the unprocessed trauma of your lineage,

Choose to put down the load.

Your ancestors in their highest aspects don’t desire you to hold their pain, their patterns, their burdens.

They desire you to thrive, to grow, to joyously expand into your potential and Destiny.

& if you feel called, take some time to honour your ancestors and ask for any support that you desire.

To prepare for the ripples of change we will experience after this eclipse, I invite you to dedicate tonight to feeling what is asking to be felt, and releasing, relaxing, grounding, unwinding.

Some more ideas :

Write a letter to past versions of Self, or to your ancestors, or to your inner child. Write what you are ready to release. Do forgiveness work. Or just hang out in the bath listening to gorgeous classical music and watching candle light flicker.

Intuitive, non-linear movement will be amazing as well.

When it comes to the eclipse, you don’t need to DO much… It is an instrument of Fate.

So I would just focus on being open to my own Destiny without overthinking it or overcomplicating the day of the eclipse.

An invitation to pause and arrive in the present moment.

To clear the the seeking and striving… the shoulds and the to do lists…

And recognize a sacred process is trying to unfold within you.

Are you willing to allow it?

Are you willing to vibe out in the Void for tonight leading up to tomorrow’s eclipse?

Are you willing to drop attachment to exactly how what and when happens in the future… and trust in your divine unfolding?

Another idea for this time is clearing your physical environment and doing cleaning with some music and candles. This is only if you truly have the energy and desire to do something.

But if the body is asking for rest, please rest.

If tears begin to well up, let them flow.

If rage begins to spark, find a healthy outlet for it like screaming into pillows.

If you don’t know what to do, put on beautiful music and vibe out… non-linear, intuitive movement… once again with candles.

Also, this is probably a good moment to let you know I won’t be creating horoscopes for this eclipse… and I may not be doing them in the future either.

I will be feeling into it as I continue to release conditioning around obligation and my own people-pleasing tendencies.

This is a part of my personal release work at this time and I thank you for your understanding <3

We need to clear before creating, if we want something new in our reality and in our collective.

What if you don’t need to be any more than what you are…

and just for tonight focus on dropping everything you are NOT?

This is the moment to release and open to the Destiny written in the fabric of your being.

You don’t have to go get it, or go look for it.


May these insights serve to empower, active, and inspire you on your unique journey.

So much love,

P.S. yes you read that right. After creating horoscopes for every New and Full moon since May 21, 2020…

I am taking a step back to see if it’s a true soul desire for me to continue creating them.

Thx for understanding

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