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December 6 – February 11 we have Mercury in Capricorn.

Our mindsets and perceptions attune to what needs to be done in order to build our Legacies.

It’s time to get real with ourselves about what is working and what is NOT working in our lives and businesses.

As long as we don’t get bogged down with society’s definition of success,

This is incredible energy for realistically blueprinting next steps that truly fulfill us and our goals.

Mercury will be Rx from December 29 – January 18.

This will be a period of re-examining and re-writing our goals and mindset toward success and achievement.

🔔 More on this later

Some shadows of this time include negative expectations, being hard on ourselves to do more and more, and being OVERLY realistic.

Don’t forget to dream and stay in our heart, as that is how we receive Soul guidance which will lead to our true highest success path.

Don’t let realism define your dreams…

Your Heart and Soul get to do that.

Let serious + strategic Mercury in Cap help you blueprint and execute plans to actually make those dreams a reality.

No matter how wild and expansive your dream vision for the future is,

this energy can help you break it down into steps and inspire you to move forward with purpose + focus.

No matter how unlikely it may seem,

If you are the One to bring about that creation,

then Life and the Cosmos will support your fulfillment of the dream.

For those of us with natal Mercury in Capricorn (like myself! 🐐), we will have our Mercury return during this transit.

This is a rebirth of clarity around what we came here to do and build, and how we desire to move forward with greater focus and precision towards the goals that really matter to us.

Perfect timing as we move into the end of the calendar year.

This is a powerful period of time. But also a time where we can get vortexed into the constrasting and unhelpful frequencies of:

– Guilt and shame for not doing / being / having more
– Pressure to do be have more
– “Fuck it all” attitudes that have us throwing all our goals out the window because the pressure isn’t fun and there are a lot of parties and consumerism flying around right now.

That’s why I often don’t talk about goal setting with the end of the year.

Unless however, it is aligned with the Astrology!

Which in this case it definitely is.

As a natal Mercury in Capricorn, I do love this energy.

I love beholding and reflecting upon what I have created so far.
I love flirting with the possibilities of next year.
I love knowing I can build what I desire to.

A lot of y’all have been in my DMs asking about a more accessible way to work together.

While I don’t do discounts on my 1-to-1 work, I received the inspiration to create a mastermind at an unheard of investment in my business.

The Soul Business Mastermind was a direct response to the AMAZING humans who have been inquiring to work with me at a lower investment.

For some people and some seasons, it’s more powerful to wipe the slate clean and release all pressure to do or create more.

But for myself personally and many clients who feel attracted to working with me,

There is pleasure in ambition. There is expansion through challenge. There is a sexiness to strategy. Sparks fly when moving forward with purpose towards goals that truly matter to us.

If you are ready to claim 2023 as YOUR breakthrough year in business, I invite you to DM me to explore the Soul Business mastermind. 👑

Some spots already claimed <3. And we begin January 19.


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