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Ayesha's vision is New Paradigm conscious business, financial freedom, and liberation for all creators, so we can thrive, explore our Potential, own our Power and stand in our Purpose, each of us co-creating a beautiful & ethical world with our Soul work.

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Hello, divine First name / soul,

Where have I been?

Tending to my inner garden

Peeling back the layers to come even deeper into my self

Distilling the essence of my medicine to greater potency

In deep reflection on why I do what I do

In deep relationship with the healing being asked of me

In deep reverence for my journey and inner landscape

Taking space from constant output

Quieting the noise of constant consumption

Tending to the god-seed within me

Remembering who I am

disentangling my worth from money, fame, followers.

unlocking new levels of “un-fuck-withableness”

as a daughter of the divine & oracle to leaders of the new earth.

Deepening my work with my existing clients

allowing my aligned people to come find me

radically trusting that who is meant to be in my world, will be.

And who is not,

will not.

Dancing, laughing, crying, exploring

Making friends who meet me human to human,

without the identity of “founder of oath oracle” standing as a shield or projection between us

 Making big ass mothafucking moves and stepping up to challenges like a boss behind the scenes

with a courage and integrity my younger self would be proud of

& reflecting on how far I have come.

These past 2+ years in business have blown my mind in terms of what is possible to create.

What will I do with this understanding?

I am journeying deep with my soul to find out.

– Ayesha

This is an update straight from my heart and soul.

It’s been tender at times.

Healing a hurting heart after the end of a wonderful five year relationship.

Moving across the country into my first property.

and having the safety, space, and security to go to even deeper levels of my own healing.

Knowing this healing is coming up now because I am ready for it.

And having the deep sense that this period of time is preparing me for something.

I have some sparkling inklings on what that is.

But I also love the not knowing.

The mysterious calling.

The golden threads that lead to miracles.

I’ve seen it before. My co-creations with life these past two years have given me much evidence.

I did so much with so little.

And now I have a lot.

I had a choice…

To continue on a path of maintenance, perpetuating what I have created so far… In fact, if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

Or heed the soul calling to let the Tower fall.

Letting go of aspects of life I had attached to for comfort and a sense of security.

Feeling the heat and pulse of something around the corner.

I know this feeling.

I have learned to trust this feeling.

And I surrender to it now in faith and reverence.

Thank you Life for guiding me and protecting me even in the darkest and most dangerous times.

Thank you past me for delivering us to this moment.

Thank you deep Self for glimmering your light even when I refused to see you.

Thank you business for holding me safe so I can unravel, dissolve, and rebirth anew.

Thank you reader for coming along the journey, contributing your energy and presence, being on your own unique path of awakening that elevates us all in our collective tapestry.

I love you,
I see you,
I am you.


Art by @ez.naive.art
Original photo by @_dylankaiser

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