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Venus : Planet of love, beauty, art, money is transiting

Aquarius : Weirdo of the zodiac. Intelligent, original, rebellious, revolutionary from January 2 – 26

The planet of love is in the mad scientist realms of Aquarius.

This is a time of experimentation, innovation, rebellion, and invention, & being turned on by intellectual stimulation and the expansion of consciousness.

Venus rules beauty.

In Aquarius, beauty standards become more unconventional.

Aquarius doesn’t follow trends,

Aquarius energy starts trends …

through expressing their unique self without much care for looking “Weird” by the standards of others.

Experiment with beauty and style.

Highlight what makes you unique.

Refuse to conform.

See beauty as your rebellion.

Shine in all of your originality and authentic essence.

Venus rules art.

In Aquarius this is giving avant-garde, experimental, and innovative vibes.

Your art is an expression of you and the divine.

Release comparison and maybe even take a break from consuming the work of others.

Venus rules money.

Aquarius rules originality, humanitarianism, technology, revolution, the internet, groups and communities, astrology and science.

Outside of the box thinking can have us accidentally discovering profitable new income streams.

We are leveraging technology to get our medicine out there and making world-wide impact.

We are revolutionizing wealth and success in the new paradigm.

We are shattering obsolete old formulaic templates of prosperity, and creating new blueprints from a higher and more ethical perspective.

When it comes to love, Venus in Aquarius can be a bit distant.

But it’s not for lack of love.

It’s a more zoomed out perspective.

Love and loyalty that is fueled with independence and liberation.

Friendship comes first with Venus in Aquarius.

Since Aqua rules the internet, this could be a good time for online dating and flirtatious texting.

Since Aqua rules experimentation, sparks fly in existing relationships through trying new things.

Since Aqua is very independent, it’s a great time to be happy alone and be dating ourselves 🙂

This transit is a breath of fresh air.

Invigorating love, beauty, art & money with innovative new perspectives.

This is a time of refreshing objectivity towards topics we can sometimes get very wound up in.

The impersonal touch Aquarius brings can be a bit distant at times… but zooming out and taking a clear look at our patterns in love and romance has a lot to offer us.

Whatever your past romantic patterns have been… you can revolutionize them.

If you feel stuck with money in any way… you can awaken to new possibilities and disrupt unhelpful patterns.

Whatever beauty standards you have been conditioned to value… if it’s not authentic, it’s time to liberate yourself.

For those of us with Venus in Aquarius (me!!!) we will have our Venus return during this transit.

The Venus return is a rebirth of the Venusian themes in our lives. A beautiful invitation to reflect on how we have been relating to these themes and if that has actually been serving us…

and how we desire to relate to love, money, art, and beauty moving forward.

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