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The Full Moon release doesn’t just end the next day.

It is an alchemical death process that begins with the Full Moon.

An unfolding for two weeks that continues to empty out accumulated energy that we will not be bringing into the next cycle.

Draining and washing away what we are ready to release.

Loss and liberation.

Composting the past into fertile fuel for the future.

Potently preparing our quantum garden to receive the seeds of manifestation.

Although a new calendar year has begun, we are not in “New beginning” energy yet cosmically speaking.

The invitation in this moment is to continue to feel and reflect.

To integrate lessons of 2022 rather than pushing them to the basement of unprocessed past experiences.

To allow the dust to settle from being ushered into this “post 2020 pandemmy” world.

Like a shaken up snow globe, we can come into stillness and allow the snowflakes to gently land, opening up new horizons of clarity and understanding.

🗝️ This is a time to focus on intimacy with your SELF, before we race off to the next goal or milestone.

🗝️ This is a time to reorient to where we are NOW, rather than manically manifest our way to another experience.

🗝️ This is a time to drop into the timelessness of your eternal Being, rather than the sands of the hourglass perpetuating an illusion of “Not enough”.

Mars + Mercury RX helping us re-write the programs that run our motivation to do, be, have.

⚡ The true beginning of forward momentum in 2023 (IMO) is the January 21 New Moon in Aquarius.

That will initiate a creation cycle specifically attuned to the energy of the New Earth. The thriving of the individual within a healthy collective tapestry.

Let’s not bring past debris into the next cycle.

Let’s do this deep work + align our energies with that of cosmic creation.

Let’s BE now, knowing that the next aligned DOing steps will arise through rest & receptivity.

May these insights empower you on your unique path.

Lots of love,

P.S. I teach my precise framework for manifesting with the full moon cycle, through all signs, houses, & using YOUR unique birth chart, in the Moon Manifestation masterclass 💖

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