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We have officially entered Gemini season, until June 21

The season of the Messenger.

Curiosity & Communication.

Mental stimulation.

Exploring connection with one another.

And exploring our own multi faceted natures.

When it comes to Astrology for business,

working with the current zodiac season is an incredible way to align your business with the natural rhythms of the cosmos.

This effortlessly attunes us towards our highest success timeline,

as our personal highest timeline of success is always in resonance with Divine Order.

To apply this practically for business, we want to understand the archetype of this zodiac season and then take aligned actions in business.

Below I will share the tangible strategies I am implementing during Gemini szn.

These are suggestions that are honestly always good ideas but are especially potent at this time.

For the full transmission, be sure to check out the latest episode on the Business Oracle podcast, where I was able to go into more detail.

Gemini season business strategy #1

Try new things!

Gemini is curious, mentally quick, and loves stimulation + variety.

This is the perfect season to experiment with new styles of content, a type of offering you’ve been thinking about putting out there or even starting an account on a new social platform.

You are multi faceted and you get to shift within your business. This brings freshness and invigoration.

Gemini season business strategy #2

Grow your engagement

Audience + engagement growth is a very aligned goal during Gemini season.

We are all craving more mental stimulation, which means new eyes that would love to find your content!

Put yourself out there. Be more active. Show up a little more on stories. Play with the IG engagement tools in stories, etc. Connect with people in comments & DMs.

This should be FUN and stimulating for you as well. Not a chore or a “should”.

Gemini season business strategy #3

Promote your freebie

Don’t expect people to just find your freebie in your bio link. Let them know about it!

Especially if you are doing engagement and social growth activities, new people are seeing your content every single day.

Tell them about your freebie, let them know what it can help with, and welcome them into your world.

Gifting your medicine to the collective is one of the best ways for people to truly experience what you have to offer and move into working with you.

Gemini season business strategy #4

Shorter experiences

Gemini energy is not exactly famous for having a long attention span. This is a sign that loves variety, switching things up, and can get bored easily.

We can align with this by offering shorter experiences such as free or paid masterclasses, or mini programs.

This allows us to offer things that satisfy our audience’s curiosity without requiring a long term commitment.

It’s like a yummy buffet where we get to taste a lot of different things, have fun with new experiences, and move on to the next thing whenever we want.

Gemini season business strategy #5

Learn & Connect

This is the perfect time to learn something new, explore something you’ve been curious about, dabble!

Take masterclasses. Sign up for a course. Learn. Read. Listen to podcasts.

Also, get out there and connect with others! This is kind of two separate keys but oh well!

Say yes to more social invitations. Go out of your comfort zone. See it as an experiment. You never know who you may meet or what incredible ideas may spark from more stimulation!

So much love,


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