New Moon in Capricorn

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Ayesha's vision is New Paradigm conscious business, financial freedom, and liberation for all creators, so we can thrive, explore our Potential, own our Power and stand in our Purpose, each of us co-creating a beautiful & ethical world with our Soul work.

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The New Moon in Capricorn will be exact on

December 23 ::: 2:16am PT / 5:16am ET / 10:16am BST /

3:46pm IST / 9:16pm AEST

The most fertile soil for seeds of aligned achievement.

A blank canvas, waiting for you to pick up the brush and begin to paint the masterpiece of your life.

The redefinition of Success in the New Paradigm.

Divine pathway towards the Legacy you came here to create.

The year 2022 wraps up with the energy of new beginning…

The energy of moving purposefully towards the goals that truly matter to us.

Not because we were told / programmed to want them…

But because we feel it on the Soul level.

Capricorn rules maturity, ambition, sacred responsibility and time as we know it.

This energy helps us take our wildest most expansive dreams,

and make them real, tangible, attainable.

What could shift if you took divine responsibility for your outcomes in your life and the creation of your dreams?

Are you willing to take the inspired actions towards what your heart has been longing for?

Are you ready to claim your Legacy, the medicine & magic that only you can offer to this world?

πŸŒ‘ New Moon in Capricorn Horoscopes πŸŒ‘

β™ˆοΈ Aries Sun / Moon / Rising

A fresh start in your house of Career, Legacy & Fame.

Renewal of your Life’s Work. A whole new chapter.

Recognition. Success. Reputation. Influence. Authority.

Discover what you are truly responsible for and own it.

Plant seeds of your most fulfilling career.

Claim your CEO energy.

♉️ Taurus Sun / Moon / Rising

Renewal in the realm of studies, teaching, travel, adventure.

New levels of personal truth and life philosophy.

You may be stepping up as a teacher or student or both.

Expanding your mind, knowledge, wisdom.

Collect experiences, create memories.

See life as the adventure that it is.

Cultivate optimism for the future.

β™Š Gemini Sun / Moon / Rising

Transformation, Alchemy, Intimacy, Power.

A new beginning when it comes to wealth and finance.

Choose stories and beliefs about money that serve your desires.

A new moon in the house of death can feel like an ending.

Allow it all, surrender to the process.

You are rising as the Phoenix.

β™‹ Cancer Sun / Moon / Rising

A new beginning in partnership, collaboration, 1-on-1 client work.

Reflect on reciprocity and your attachment style.

Strive for balance between Self & Other, Give & Take.

Amazing moon to call in your divine romantic counterpart,

marriage partner, biz collaborations, soul mate clients.

Write a list of their qualities,

then ask yourself if you embody those qualities as well.

β™ŒοΈ Leo Sun / Moon / Rising

Blueprint your aligned AF rituals, routines, and workflow.

Design your ideal schedule for 2023.

Define health & success for yourself out of LOVE – not FEAR.

Increase your quality of life through daily structures that support you.

Release guilt, shame, “should”s, & perfectionism.

This is not about restriction. It’s about vibrancy and radiance.

Movement. Healthy whole foods. Meditation. Journaling.

Make it easy to succeed by not overcomplicating it.

♍️ Virgo Sun / Moon / Rising

A new beginning in the realm of Fun, Play, Joy, Romance. πŸ₯²

Express yourself and lead from the heart.

Igniting a new cycle of creativity.

Amazing time to begin an art work of some kind.

You have a unique light that you came here to shine.

Give yourself permission and approach it with childlike wonder.

Your expression illuminates and warms others.

Go on fun dates!! With lovers, friends, and yourself.

β™ŽοΈ Libra Sun / Moon / Rising

New beginning in Home, Roots, Ancestry, Family.

Amazing moon to manifest your dream house.

Womb healing. Divine feminine radiance. Receptivity.

Cozy vibes. Emotional safety. Security. Sweetness.

Connect with your ancestors and lineage.

Love up your home. Nest. Rest.

♏️ Scorpio Sun / Moon / Rising

New chapter in communication and sharing your message.

Re-Brand / Refresh how you market your work.

Divine time to start on a new social platform,

or with a new type of content.

Let curiosity lead the way.

Self-Inquiry on who you are now

and how your story wants to be shared.

♐️ Sagittarius Sun / Moon / Rising

Unlocking new levels of Self-Worth, Wealth & Embodiment.

Release stories about having to “Earn it”.

Choose beliefs about money that serve your desires.

Cultivate the sensation of wealth and security in your body.

Release complexity and making it harder than it has to be.

Your Worth is non-negotiable and indestructible.

You can create & receive the lifestyle you desire.

β™‘ Capricorn Sun / Moon / Rising

Rebirth your Self, Identity & Appearance.

Your GLOW UP New Moon.

A new start in you assert yourself in the world.

How do you currently take initiative towards your desires?

You are being called to shine your light in this world.

Instinct. Initiative. Courage. Boldness. Risk.

You have evolved through MAJOR transits these past few years.

Let your appearance express your deep inner growth.

β™’ Aquarius Sun / Moon / Rising

New beginning in spirituality, connection to Source, mysticism.

Dreams. Prayer. Meditation. Healing.

Don’t push yourself – You need more rest at this time.

Deep subconscious processes are unfolding.

Release self-sabotage and escapism.

Forgiveness & Compassion. Release disappointments of 2022.

This opens you up for the miracles that await you.

β™“ Pisces Sun / Moon / Rising
A fresh start with friendship, hopes & wishes.

Group work in business. Social networks. Technology.

Dream BIG. You are being called forward.

Call in your Soul family / community.

Who do you want to be surrounded by?

Who do you want to share your dreams with?

Share your magic with the world at large.

Potential for Wish fulfillment.

Bask in the frequency of HOPE.


I received a call I was not expecting.

After months taking space from horoscopes, heeding the soul instructions to release them with no plan of bringing them back.

To shed the residues of energies of obligation, expectation and people pleasing. To alchemize any patterns of doing things for what they get me in my life… versus from the pulse of creation itself moving through me.

I am on a journey of radical self trust and ruthless devotion to my authenticity.

With the New Moon in Capricorn and the calendar year coming to an end,

with a new cycle upon us in so many ways,

with the solstice and dark moon portal we have been in….

It was time for me to share these messages once again.

With a new and deeper Why…

I have detached so much from the instant gratification I was receiving from social media and sales in my business.

I have rediscovered the core essence of my writing and transmission.

Which is to contribute to the evolution of consciousness throughout the collective at this world shaking paradigm shift we are moving through (And will continue to move through…)

May these insights serve to empower, inspire, and activate you on your own unique path.

May we continue to redefine what Success means to us in the new paradigm

May all beings be happy, free, and prosperous.

May our soul purpose shine through our actions, words, thoughts, and auras.

So much love,


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