The Liminal Space

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Ayesha's vision is New Paradigm conscious business, financial freedom, and liberation for all creators, so we can thrive, explore our Potential, own our Power and stand in our Purpose, each of us co-creating a beautiful & ethical world with our Soul work.

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Welcome loves…

To the liminal space between calendar years.

The shifting quantum creation space.

Where the past merges into the future.

Where the present is pregnant with possibility.

Where reality rearranges itself as we spiral along our evolutionary journeys.

As individuals, and as a sacred collective aligning to our true potential.

My invitation is to cleanse and release the energies of expectation, pressure and hype that tend to accumulate at this time.

What if this period of time was a temple space, in devotion to all that has been,

to the divine present moment, and to that which you came here to become?

What if this moment, that feels so outside of Time and linear thinking, contains the seeds of majestic forests of creation?

And what if all that is needed, is to nurture?

to rest?

to receive?

to reflect?

With Mercury, the planet of thought and perception, now retrograde in Capricorn until January 18…

With Mars, the planet of action and motivation, retrograde in Gemini (a sign ruled by Mercury) until January 12…

With Capricorn season upon us … The Sun, Venus, Mercury Rx, and Pluto all activating this powerful archetype…

A sign of achievement, accomplishment, legacy, success…

The message is clear to me.

The definition of Success is being redefined in the New Paradigm.

By whom? By you and I, my love!

We are redefining WHY we do what we do.

We are shifting what we perceive as success.

We are rewriting the potential pathways to success that we accept as a society.

We are disproving lies about “This is how to be successful and this is what it looks like”

We are transforming the beliefs we hold about what is possible for us and how to go about creating / receiving it.

We are opening doorways for our future descendants in ways we cannot even imagine in this moment.

Can you feel it?

There’s not much you need to DO for this process to unfold.

This is a natural unfolding of your innate essence and our true potential as a collective.

This is a RETURN to pure templates of success and abundance on planet earth, across dimensions and timelines.

And a precious moment of reflection and integration in regards to your experiences held within this calendar year.

By rushing forward, we rob ourselves of the gift of allowing the lessons and energetic shifts of this year to land.

This creates a clutter of unprocessed thought forms that imprint upon our upcoming year.

Want to journal on it? Go for it.

Wanna clean your home? Lovely.

Netflix and chill? Hell yeah.

Wanna rest and nourish yourself? Yes!

Ideas & visions pouring through? Write them down.

Feeling a calling to quiet emptiness? Surrender to it.

Body wants to move? Dance baby!

Tears wanna flow? Allow, allow, allow.

Wanna do nothing? Perfect!!!

Can today be your spiritual spa day?

Can you release the “Should”s and allow the most aligned next step to reveal itself to you, through deep listening and presence?

May these insights serve and empower you,
may you be inspired along your own unique path,
may we allow this sacred process to unfold in surrender to the seasons and shifting sands of time.

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