Full Moon in Cancer

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The Full Moon in Cancer will be exact today,

January 6 ::: 3:07pm PT / 6:07pm ET / 11:07pm GMT

January 7 ::: 4:37am IST / 10:07am AEST

Welcome loves… to the first full moon of 2023.

During Capricorn season, a time of building, ambition, devotion, structure, strategy, architecting our next level in life and business.

With harsh aspect with Mercury Rx, we are being powerfully called to shift inherited limiting beliefs around success and what we are capable of. It’s time to re-write the narrative and claim your throne as a cycle breaker and revolutionary along your family line.

We are clarifying what our true aligned motivations that fuel inspired action that aligned with our true destiny and legacy in this life.

But this lunation is about INNER SUCCESS.

The Home. The Hearth. & Our Inner Circle friends / fam.

Connecting to our Ancestry. Unlocking the gifts of our Lineage.

And beginning the new calendar year with a profound emotional cleanse that ripples out from the deepest parts of us, into all other areas of life.

Cultivating Safety. Emotional Wealth. Lineage legacy.

This is about melting the rigidity, allowing the waves of emotion to wash away conditioned oppressive structures.

When we feel Safe within ourselves, we are able to ascend higher and expand into our Destiny. We feel supported to take risks and powerful action towards what we desire. And we open in greater receptivity to the miracles of life.

This is about ROOTING DOWN in order to RISE UP into the Legacy we were born to create.

Cancer rules emotional Security, Family, Home, Mother, Womb.

This is a profound release of accumulated stress, unhealed trauma and unprocessed emotions of the past.

Healing family, home, mother, womb, and the Divine Feminine.

If we want to expand into 2023 with our full Power..

If we desire to birth our true Soul Legacies…

We must include emotional fulfillment and richness in our definition of Success in the New Earth.

We must be willing to cleanse, feel, heal, release.

We must be willing to do this Deep Work to create a foundation of unshakeable inner safety upon which to build our true aligned

Dreams, Destiny, Dharma.

πŸŒ• Full Moon in Cancer Horoscopes πŸŒ•

β™ˆοΈ Aries Sun / Moon / Rising

Powerful cleanse and release for your entire Lineage.

Healing the ancestral line : Past, Present, Future.

Clearing in the Home and Family.

Womb healing. Mother healing. Safety.

Going to the depths to rise to your heights.

Divine feminine resurrection.

♉️ Taurus Sun / Moon / Rising

Clearing the way for you to express your Truth.

Cleanse of family programs that restricted expression.

Creating the Safety to share your message with the world.

It is Safe to sing your song. The world needs it!

Social media refresh / rebrand / renewal.

Speak for your ancestors who were not able to.

β™Š Gemini Sun / Moon / Rising

Profound release the leads you to greater Wealth & Stability.

Making space for the lifestyle you desire.

Clearing of unhelpful stories about money, wealth, security.

Were some of these stories inherited? Are they even yours?

What helps you feel TRULY secure, beyond the illusion of security?

Opening up to deeper embodiment, pleasure, prosperity.

Anchoring to stable Self Worth.

β™‹ Cancer Sun / Moon / Rising

One of the most powerful Renewals for you in all of 2023.

Powerful cleanse of anything blocking your Expression.

Rebirth. Glow up. Boldly Being You.

Boundaries. Bravery. Initiative.

Shatter restriction to your radiance.

Play big. Take up space. Bet on you.

You belong here.

Show the world who you are now.

β™ŒοΈ Leo Sun / Moon / Rising

Powerful transformation at the deepest levels of your subconscious.

The internal Rebirth that ripples out to all areas of life.

Forgiveness. Compassion. For Self & Others.

A portal opens for greater connection with Spirit.

Release fears, disappointments, self-sabotage patterns.

Many may be ancestral. Spiritual Warrior.

Quantum shifts that will manifest in the physical.

♍️ Virgo Sun / Moon / Rising

Rebirth of your Future Vision.

Community and friend groups may be shifting as you level up.

Let go of connections that don’t align with your Truth.

This makes space for more Soul Fam to come into your life.

A past wish may be manifesting now!

Or the way will be cleared for this to actualize in the future.

Leadership. Your Vision for the future.

Group client work. Internet. Technology.

β™ŽοΈ Libra Sun / Moon / Rising

The emotion release of this Moon opens your path to Success.

Life’s Work. Recognition. And even Fame.

This becomes available through doing the deep inner work.

Ending, culmination or completion of a career path.

Recognition for past work. Success manifesting.

You are the one to create your Legacy.

Release any inner programs that tell you otherwise.

♏️ Scorpio Sun / Moon / Rising

Rebirth of faith, optimism, and belief in your path.

Renewal of a sense of adventure with life.

Ending or completion of a past belief system.

Possibly inherited, ancestral, intergenerational?

Amazing moon to clear religious trauma / witch wounds.

This opens the way for your true inner compass to become clear.

Stepping up as a teacher, student, mentor, guide.

♐️ Sagittarius Sun / Moon / Rising

The moon of Death and Rebirth.

One of the most powerful transformations of 2023 for you.

Rising from the past as the Phoenix.

Shattering blocks to intimacy, power, wealth.

Releasing witch wounds. Opening psychic and esoteric gifts.

Mourn past versions of yourself as a new You is soon to birth

An alchemical portal. You will not be the same after this.

β™‘ Capricorn Sun / Moon / Rising

Culmination, Manifestation, Renewal in the realms of Partnership.

Deeply healing from past hurts, disappointments, imbalances.

Completion of old cycles. Opening to greater authentic connection.

Rebirth of Reciprocity in relationship.

1-on-1 client work. Romantic partnership. Bestie connections.

Secure attachment through healing past hurts.

The Win / Win situation.

β™’ Aquarius Sun / Moon / Rising

Rebirth of radiant health and well-being.

Renewing the practices that empower your life-force energy.

Release of habitual behaviours that drain your magic.

Shed coping mechanisms and addictions.

Health is Wealth. And it doesn’t come through restriction.

It’s about Vitality. Radiance. Life force energy.

Choose structures that support your beingness.

β™“ Pisces Sun / Moon / Rising
Emotional healing leads to powerful Creative Self Expression.

Shining your light. Sharing your essence.

Warming and illuminating this world with your creativity.

Inner child healing, awakening, play, fun.

It’s not just about the deep dark shadow work.

It’s about the light, the laughter, the joyousness.

Let your radiance shine forth.

You are a Divine Child of the Universe.

This is a profound emotional cleanse that has the power to heal Past, Present, and Future.

To truly enter this year anew, rather than continue to perpetuate the same old cycles of the past.

To become new through the work of deep feeling.

πŸ₯€ Are you the family cycle breaker? What does this mean to you?

πŸ₯€ What if ending cycles is the greatest gift you can give to your ancestors? And yourself?

πŸ₯€ What was passed down to you, what do you carry, that is not truly yours to hold?

Mercury Rx in harsh aspect to the moon reflects to us how important it is to re-write inherited stories that actually limit us, particularly around what success is, what we are capable of, and who success is for.

It’s not always easy to re-write these stories.

Yet how liberating it is to be that family cycle breaker, to do what our ancestors dreamed of, to truly create our lives with new blueprints rather than what was given to us.

This is the deep decomposition work… creating fertile compost that ends up nourishing the seeds of our own individual Destiny..

And you betta believe your ancestors rejoice whenever you choose your Truth, your Essence, your Path.

Even troubled ancestors are pure on a Soul level.

This is an amazing moon to create an ancestor altar, make a prayer to them, an offering, a letter, or any way you wish to connect with your lineage.

With the support of our ancestors, and coming into right relationship with Mother Earth and divine feminine energies within & without us… Miracles are truly possible.

This is the future my loves.

πŸ₯€ What do you release, with love, as we descend into this transformation portal?

So much love,

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